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Syncrowave® 200 AC/DC TIG/Stick welder provides 5-200 A output power (150 A at 40-percent duty cycle), enough to weld ¼-in. aluminum with ac TIG. Single-knob adjustment controls pulse rate from 1-15 pulses/sec, and Syncro-Start(TM) technology allows operators to choose soft, standard, or hot starting, depending on material thickness and tungsten diameter. Syncrowave 200 comes with Weldcraft® WP17 Super Flex air-cooled TIG torch with 12.5 ft braided nylon power cable.

Original Press Release:

Syncrowave® 200-Professional-Quality TIG Welding at an Affordable Price

o Extended power range (5 to 200 amp)
o Built-in pulser enhances bead appearance, improves weld quality
o Easy-to-use interface decreases set-up time

APPLETON, Wis., January 23, 2006 Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced the Syncrowave® 200 AC/DC TIG/Stick welder, which features an extended power range for welding thicker materials (up to 1/4-in. aluminum in AC TIG), along with several functions that make it even easier for hobbyists or those in light industrial settings to attain professional quality welds. It replaces the highly successful Syncrowave 180 SD.

The Syncrowave 200 helps operators enhance weld appearance with an easy-to-use, built-in pulse control that also helps eliminate burn-through and distortion. The Syncrowave 200 tailors its arc starts with Syncro Start(TM), a selectable arc start condition feature. Other features include Fan-On-Demand(TM), Auto-Postflow, Adaptive Hot Start(TM) for Stick arc starts and a 115V auxiliary power receptacle conveniently located on the front of the machine.

The Syncrowave 200 provides 5- to 200-amp output power (150 amps at 40-percent duty cycle), enough to weld 1/4-in. aluminum with AC TIG. "The extended amperage range provides the power to weld thicker material, and with a 5-amp low end, it improves control on thin material," said Jim Brook, product manager, Miller Electric. Brook added that, "The Syncrowave 200 reduces set-up time with automatically controlled variables and single-knob adjustment. It gives the operator the power to produce professional quality welds by making simple adjustments. The excellent weld quality and enhanced control makes the Syncrowave 200 perfectly suited for light industrial and fabrication applications."

With the Syncrowave 200's built-in pulser, operators can easily attain professional-looking weld beads. Pulsing reduces heat input by allowing the puddle to cool between pulses, minimizing burn-through and the warping effects of distortion. Single-knob adjustment controls the pulse rate (or frequency) from 1 to 15 pulses per second.

"On DC applications when you're not using a filler rod, you can get a very distinct ripple pattern by setting the pulse rate higher and coordinating it with your travel speed," said Brook. "Using low frequencies, you can easily get a 'stacked-dimes' look by timing the addition of the filler rod to the frequency of the pulse."

The Syncrowave 200's squarewave technology helps eliminate tungsten spitting and increases arc stability on aluminum and other metals that require an AC weld output. With the adjustable AC balance control, operators can add more electrode negative (EN) for a narrower, deeper-penetrating weld bead or decrease EN for a wider, shallower bead with better cleaning action for oxide removal.

To significantly improve high-frequency TIG arc starting performance, Miller engineers developed Syncro-Start(TM) technology, which allows operators the choice of three different starting conditions to optimize starts. Operators can choose from soft, standard or hot starting, depending on material thickness and tungsten diameter.

"With this technology, users can select the best arc start for the job. Syncro-Start technology makes it easy to achieve crisp, clean arc starts, regardless of the application," stated Brook.

The Syncrowave 200's Auto-Postflow protects the weld puddle and tungsten electrode from oxidation. "Auto-Postflow adjusts the post-flow time based on the welding amperage and automatically sets the appropriate post flow. The rule of thumb is 1 second for every 10 amps of welding power to protect the tungsten and the weld puddle. With the Auto-Postflow function you don't have to worry about wasting gas or forgetting to change settings when you change amperage."

For Stick welding applications, the Syncrowave 200 incorporates Adaptive Hot Start and DIG control for enhanced welding performance. Adaptive Hot Start automatically increases the amperage during the arc start, preventing the electrode from "sticking" to the work, while DIG control performs a similar function during the weld to keep the electrode running smooth.

The control panel consists of pushbutton selections for choosing the welding process, Balance/Dig control, pulse control and main amperage settings. Once a pushbutton has been depressed, operators can change settings by turning a single control knob. Digital alpha-numeric meters provide quick viewing of all variables for greater accuracy and repeatability.

Miller's Fan-On-Demand improves power efficiency, reduces noise and lessens the amount of contaminants pulled into the machine by running the fan only when needed.

The Syncrowave 200 comes with a Weldcraft® WP17 Super Flex air-cooled TIG torch, featuring a 12.5-ft. Super Flex braided nylon power cable for maximum flexibility and operator comfort. The professional-quality torch package is exclusively bundled for Miller Electric. It is configured in a single-piece design, combining the power cable and shield gas hose all in one to prevent hoses from becoming tangled. For maximum mobility and reach, a torch with a 25-ft. cable is also available.

Mike Sammons, sales and marketing manager for Weldcraft commented, "The durable design of these torches allows operators to cover a broad range of welding applications without having to change torches. The do-it-yourselfer can use it at home, but it's durable enough to meet the needs of a professional welder."

The Syncrowave 200 also comes with a 100% brass Smith Regulator/Flowmeter and a Stick electrode holder - completing the accessory kit for both TIG & STICK welding.

The Syncrowave 200 Runner package includes running gear and a low cylinder rack to eliminate the need for lifting when changing cylinders.

The Syncrowave 200 is covered by Miller's True-Blue" three-year warranty.

For more information about the Syncrowave 200, visit MillerWelds.com, call 1-800-4-A-MILLER (800-426-4553), fax 877-327-8132, or write to Miller Electric Mfg. Co., P.O. Box 100, Lithonia, GA 30058.

With headquarters in Appleton, Wis., Miller Electric Mfg. Co. is a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller and Hobart brand arc welding equipment and related systems for metalworking, construction, maintenance and other applications. Miller Electric is a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW), Glenview, Ill. ITW is a diversified multinational manufacturer of highly engineered components, assemblies and systems.

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