WEIMA and Gamma Meccanica Join Forces in Plastics Recycling

WEIMA America has collaborated over the years with many manufacturers of plastics recycling machinery in order to perfect the perfect system for our customers.

One of those manufacturers is Gamma Meccanica. WEIMA and Gamma Meccanica have more than 50 years of combined innovation, experience, and success in the plastics industry worldwide. There are many cases of collaboration between the two companies, including the line for the recycling of PET, delivered to U.S. customer, Palmetto Synthetics, LLC. The line is composed of the following: a GM125 COMPAC with ECOTRONIC control system (Cutter-Compactor), extruder, screen changer and underwater pelletizer. A WEIMA WLK15 Shredder with 150 kW drive performance is installed at the beginning of the line. The entire production line is capable of regenerating PET in the form of yarn, fabric, sheet and film.

Early in the process, the material is shredded by the WEIMA system. The WLK shredder is designed for high throughput quantities and is suitable for processing most plastics. The innovative "V" Rotor with adjustable counter knives allows for optimal shredding results.

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