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Wego Chemical Group is a leading global supplier and distributor of organic carbonyl compounds such as 4-Hydroxyacetophenone. It can be found under CAS # 99-93-4 or EINECS # 202-802-8. 4-Hydroxyacetophenone has the molecluar formula C8H8O2, and is commonly referred to by its acronym, 4-HAP.

4-HAP can be used as a ketone component in the preparation of hydrochlorides and potential cytotoxic agents through Mannich reactions. It takes the appearance of a white to beige crystalline powder. It has a boiuling point of 147-148°C/3 mmHg(lit.), a melting point of 109-111°C(lit.), and is 95% soluble in ethanol.

4-HAP is widely produced for commercial and industrial use. Some of 4-HAP's primary industrial uses are in HI&I and personal care goods. It is also used to make bronchodilators, p-Hydroxyphenyl Acetic Acid, p-Hydroxystyrene, 4-methoxyacetophenone, Acetominophen, and Synephrine.

As a leading supplier and distributor, Wego provides efficient and reliable logistics management, handling, stocking, and delivery of chemical products like 4-Hydroxyacetophenone, and can offer shipments in multiple packing sizes.

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