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Selerant's DevEX Earns SAP's 'Powered by Netweaver' Certification for Comprehensive Product Development Through Tight Integration With SAP

NEW YORK, April 12 / -- Selerant ( ) announces its attainment of SAP's "Powered by Netweaver" certification. This certification essentially marries SAP's Enterprise Portal with the product development and compliance expertise of Selerant's DevEX.

The impact will be seen immediately as corporations "plug-in" DevEX's functionality to their SAP Enterprise Portal applications and interfaces through certified iView software. The instant access to DevEX's extensive formulation development, regulatory compliance, and product labeling and specification tools will enable them to dramatically reduce their deployment timeframe.

How? They can access the tools in DevEX's extensive formulation development suite to rapidly create formulas on the fly, modify past formulas, or create an entirely new line. Not only can they create formulas, they can validate, test, and ensure regulatory compliance throughout development, complete with generating legal documentation from standard templates.

Beyond the timeframe, corporations can also significantly reduce administrative costs with DevEX's tight integration within its own modules, including report templates, automated processes, enterprise-wide standards through specifications, and event-driven email notification.

Users will not experience the typical growing pains of learning a new system or the more consequential risks of an unsecured environment. The certification enables SAP users to access all the functionality of DevEX, which has its own secured database, within the familiar and secured SAP environment.

Team members will directly access DevEX's extensive suite of product development tools through SAP's native environment, allowing them instant access to DevEX's Formula Creation Tools, Regulatory Compliance and Labeling Tools. Not only will team members access all of DevEX's formulation development tools through SAP, but they can easily integrate the formulas with their familiar SAP Recipe Management tool.

"We are excited to offer SAP customers an extension to their SAP environment that will provide dramatic results for their product development almost instantaneously," states Jacopo Colombo, Selerant CTO. "This certification ensures them a seamless, secured integration for a more comprehensive and controlled product development lifecycle."

Benefitso "Plug-in" DevEX's PLM capabilities to their SAP Enterprise Portal applications and interfaces via certified iView softwareo Extensive PLM capabilities delivered to users within the secure and personalized SAP Enterprise Portal-based environmento Leverage investment from existing SAP infrastructure and supporto Improved business performance by delivering PLM capabilities to 100% of the enterprise through a common, standard platform presented in the SAP Enterprise Portal and powered by DevEX.o Single-sign-on authentication integration between SAP Enterprise Portal and the DevEX Server, including support for SAP log-on ticket security.o XI data and business process integration

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