WeCutFoam Can Now Mill and Machine Material on Table Bed as Large as 5 ft by 10 ft and up to 8 inches Thick

Press Release Summary:

  • Can machine plywood, melamine, MDF, particle boards and veneers
  • CNC machining proceses can be combined with 3D printing additive manufacturing for complicated parts
  • Materials in sizes ranging from few inches to tens of feet can be fabricated

Original Press Release:

Silicon Valley Foam Cutting Services Company Now Expanding Offering Wood Machining Services

WeCutFoam, a company in Silicon Valley CA offering custom foam cutting, machining and prototyping services is expanding, and is now providing CNC wood machining services as well. The company being a subsidiary of Foamlinx LLC, manufacturer of foam cutting machinery is using its own line of CNC routers to mill and machine the material, on a table bed as large as 5ft by 10ft and up to 8 inches thick, all in one section. All types of wood can be machined, including plywood, melamine, MDF, particle boards and veneers.

The company typically produces custom signs, logo, letters, props, exhibits, displays, prototypes and composites. These products were mostly fabricated with foam materials, mostly Styrofoam and high-density Urethane foam, also known as tooling foam. Recently, the company received many request to produce wood products, hence the decision to expand and include CNC wood machining as well. Wood can be used to create vacuum forming molds, all types of furniture, custom oversized wooden planters, wood signs, décor, arts & crafts, architectural molds, crown moldings, panels, retails displays, trade show booths, instruments parts and tools, prototypes and many more as the applications of using wood is endless.

Customers can now use the company’s website to purchase custom large wooden planters, as long as 8ft or more that are hard to find at a local hardware store, they can buy decorative wall panels art made of stained plywood, mahogany, birch, cedar or cherry wood, they can order a decorative guitar, or inquire about any mold, composite or prototype they need.

WeCutFoam also combines wood machining with other types of materials such as foam, acrylics, Plexiglas, plastics, PVC, Sintra and composites. The CNC machining process, also known as subtractive manufacturing can also be combined with 3D printing additive manufacturing when the parts required are complicated and can benefit from combining these two processes. Projects can range from few inches to tens of feet as there is no limit to the size that can be fabricated. Any large pieces can be machined in sections, then glued together to form the desired shape or product.

Sigal Barnea, WeCutFoam Co-Owner stated “This is a great addition to the services we are already providing to our customers, and we are always happy to be able to grant any new wishes, as our customers are the ones guiding us, we owe them our success”. Sigal continues to say that especially now, during Covid-19 situation where there is another reality out there, with non-existent events and exhibits (which were a big part of our end users), we are thrilled to be able to expand and adjust ourselves to new markets.

While Wood might be more expensive than foam and much heavier, some products require the characteristics of wood rather than anything else. For example, it can be painted with a semitransparent stain or color to still show the material finish and shape. The choices of the material is also very broad and includes many types of wood to choose from that might add a high-value to the product.

WeCutFoam, established in Silicon Valley, CA since 2001, specializes in custom cutting shapes and products out of foam, wood, plastics and light metals. The company creates prototypes, molds, architectural shapes, props, sculptures, logos, signs, letters, museum exhibits, Trade Show displays and more. 3D printing, hard coating, hot wire cutting and vinyl printing services are also provided. Projects range from few inches up to large 3D realistic full scale cars, trucks, boats, airplanes and props. To learn more visit http://www.wecutfoam.com call 408-454-6163 or send your inquiry to sales@wecutfoam.com

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