WECO Expands Surface Mount Line


WECO Electrical Connectors is a leader in manufacturing surface mount connectors under the SMarTconn name. To better serve our customers with SMarTconn products, WECO has has recently acquired equipment to fullfill tape and reel packaging needs at our North American plant. In doing so, WECO can considerably reduce lead time on tape and reel orders. All SMarTconn connectors (genuine surface mount and through hole reflow) are equipped with a pick cap device for automatic handling and can be packaged in tape and reel.

New product releases in 2007 make the SMarTconn line even more complete than before. Newly available are 3.5 mm spacing THR headers (110-M-211-THR, 110-M-111-THR) and a low protrusion pinstrip (971-SLT-SMD) - very timely as electronic equipment tends to be smaller and smaller as technology evolves. WECO has also developed a revolutionary pinstrip (971-SLK-CPL) that, with "floating pins", ensures total co-planar adaptation to the surface variation of the PCB.

SMarTconn products are best used in mass production systems, where products are manufactured at a high volume. Electronic contract manufacturers (ECMs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are perfect examples of SMarTconn users, who produce a large variety of high-end products, from thermostats, heating and ventilation controls to power supplies.

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