Webcam Software broadcasts images and video over Internet.

Press Release Summary:

Willing Webcam v2.9 features motion detector and sound/e-mail alarms, time lapse recording mode, and other features suited for monitoring and security applications. In addition to saving JPEG images, users can save video as AVI files. Bandwidth optimized application offers support for multiple web cameras; picture quality enhancement/special effects; time stamping and watermarking capabilities; remote management options; and stealth work mode.

Original Press Release:

Willing Software Releases Willing Webcam 2.9

Willing Webcam 2.9, as the name makes it clear, is a web camera software application that makes it possible to broadcast video or pictures over the Internet. Besides web cameras, the program also works with camcorders and digital cameras that have FireWire, S-Video or Composite output, USB based video capturing devices as well as IP Network Cameras with JPEG output.

Willing Webcam 2.9 can be used for a variety of applications. Program's motion detector and sound/e-mail alarms, time lapse recording mode and other features make the program a perfect monitoring and security application. Willing Webcam 2.9 is a good tool for parents to keep an eye on their kids at home. Plus, this software is a great choice for webcam hobbyists who want to just share their "perfect view" with friends and family or the rest of the world.

Besides saving JPEG images, Willing Webcam 2.9 can save video as AVI files. Because adding web cam to a website may drastically increase bandwidth consumption, the program comes with a bandwidth optimization feature that decreases traffic without compromising picture quality. Other handy features include picture quality enhancement/special effects, time stamping, watermarking, remote management options and stealth work mode.

Naturally, Willing Webcam 2.9 comes with automatic FTP uploads (including scheduling and auto-dialing), picture e-mailing feature (send photos), own image viewer and photo album, support for multiple web cameras and an option to switch view between them.

Willing Webcam 2.9 is available at for free download. The cost of registering the software is 39.95 US Dollars per license. A less features version of the program called Willing Webcam Lite is available for 14.95 US Dollars.

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP; DirectX;

A video source (USB camera, digital camera, camcorder or capture card).

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