Web Security Appliance contains 600,000 malware signatures.

Press Release Summary:

Capable of storing over one-million signatures, Anchiva OS v2.0 can be deployed offline and performs inbound and outbound web/email scanning to protect high-speed networks against spyware and other malware. Content security system employs RapidRX ASIC accelerated data inspection engine and malware identification techniques. Scalable from 800 Mbps to beyond gigabit rates, architecture ensures secure web usage without impacting network performance.

Original Press Release:

Anchiva Systems Launches Anchiva OS 2.0 With Unparalleled 600,000 Malware Signatures

New Version Offers the Fastest Performance Available and New Industry Standard for Largest Malware Detection Capability

LAS VEGAS, May 21 -- Interop Las Vegas 2007 -- Anchiva Systems, Inc., a leading Internet gateway content security appliance provider, today announced the launch of Anchiva OS 2.0, the most comprehensive and in-depth content security system for today's high speed networks.

The next-generation Anchiva OS 2.0 solution is capable of storing over a million malware signatures, for long lasting protection against spyware and other malware with long lifecycles, and currently holds over 600,000 malware signatures. Developed around Anchiva's RapidRX ASIC accelerated data inspection engine and patent-pending malware identification techniques, Anchiva's OS 2.0 enhanced architecture scales beyond gigabit rates and ensures secure web usage without impacting mission critical network performance. Designed for enterprise organizations and service providers, Anchiva OS 2.0's high-speed technology delivers a distinctive solution that scans the volumes of messages passing through network infrastructures without the fear of traffic jam or at worse, slow down or stoppage of business operations.

Security threats continue to increase at a rapid rate. Enterprises looking to protect their networks at all inbound and outbound entry points need to have in-depth, application-centric scanning and filtering capabilities to protect vital data. Anti-virus and anti-spyware signatures need to be updated frequently to protect companies against all threats while maintaining the pace of business. Having a security solution that addresses performance needs is key to mission-critical, optimal business operations. Anchiva addresses security threats 2.5 faster than traditional software solutions.

"As more and more companies conduct daily business via the web, they expose themselves to all types of security risks," said Charles Clark, CEO of Anchiva Systems. "With 600,000 malware signatures and the capability to scale to over a million signatures we are excited to offer our customers a web security appliance with both the broadest coverage and scalable performance architecture that blocks a complete range of malware in real-time without businesses suffering performance lags."

Anchiva OS 2.0 next-generation architecture provides global organizations with the first truly gateway based solution for enterprises. By utilizing the OS 2.0 feature set, Anchiva's product family of web security appliances, enterprises will no longer have to implement load balancing or purchase expensive server based platforms for gateway based protection. Web security gateway appliances provide protection for all internal hosts no matter which operating systems are being used. Additionally, gateway solutions protect hosts where updates have not been installed. Compared to software based solutions, Anchiva offers a hardware based approach that does not limit the signature set. Anchiva's appliance provides for the maximum coverage without performance degradation. Recent ICSA Labs Premier Services tests conclude that the Anchiva 2000X was able to achieve 800 Mbps HTTP scanning while successfully detecting and blocking all files containing virus content.

"With the incredible volume of spyware, spam and viruses that enterprise businesses must now manage, Infonetics has been predicting that gateway systems with comprehensive protection would replace stand-alone content inspection devices," said Jeff Wilson, principal analyst, Infonetics. "These gateway appliances will coexist with current firewalls and must have hardware-accelerated speeds to address the intensive performance requirements of high volume content inspection."

Anchiva OS 2.0 offers the following features:

-- Web Scanning Performance Improvements: The Anchiva 2000X and its RapidRx Core ASIC already offered industry leading web scanning performance. Due to redesigned architecture, the web scanning performance for OS 2.0 has been increased to 800 Mbps, over 3 times faster than software security offerings.

-- Recon Mode: Recon mode allows the Anchiva appliance to be deployed offline and thus offers more flexible deployment options.

-- Largest Onboard Threat Database: Anchiva's industry leading threat database can currently prevent over 600,000 forms of spyware, trojans, viruses, rootkits, adware, etc. from infecting your network, far greater than any current software offering.

-- VLAN support: Support for VLAN standard 802.1Q tagging allows the Anchiva to be deployed to secure multiple segments or customer networks. VLAN's are used widely in enterprise and MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) networks.

-- Spyware Phone-home Blocking: The Anchiva systems can perform both inbound and outbound web and email scanning. Outbound scanning of web and email traffic is becoming just as important to prevent spyware infected hosts from uploading any stolen confidential data out of the network.

-- HTTP, File Upload Scanning: As Web 2.0 sites such as blogs and forums become more popular, web administrators must be able to control the type of content uploaded to their websites. The file upload feature can prevent anonymous users from uploading spyware or other malware to these websites.

-- Command Line Interface: Anchiva OS now supports a full featured CLI that allows the administrator to configure system parameters and scanning policies.

Automatic, Around-The-Clock Updates By World Class Experts

Anchiva RapidRX Labs is one of the leading spyware, anti-virus and vulnerability research organizations in the world, engaging the world's top researchers in the United States and China. Anchiva RapidRX Labs combines world-class malicious code and antivirus research with intrusion prevention and vulnerability expertise. In addition to using the latest techniques to capture the most recent malware on the Internet, Anchiva's researchers apply advanced heuristics and genetic algorithm technology to contain the deadliest categories of Internet traffic.

Anchiva OS 2.0 is currently available. Existing customers with support contracts can download version 2.0 from the Anchiva support site (http://anchiva.com/support_portal.asp)

About Anchiva Systems, Inc.

Anchiva Systems, Inc, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is a leading provider of anti-spyware appliances designed to deliver Internet gateway content security for next-generation, high speed applications within enterprise environments. Anchiva's "plug-and-play" products provide breakthrough performance in eliminating malware from entering a company's network infrastructure. With Global 2000 customers and corporate offices in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Anchiva is setting the standard in gateway security.

For more information, please visit www.anchiva.com/ or call 408-492-9712.

Anchiva(TM) is a trademark of Anchiva Systems, Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.

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