Web Reporting Software offers payroll/HR expanded reporting options.

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Accommodating businesses of any size, Custom Web Reporting enables development of reports with content specific to payroll and human resource administrators. Access is provided to hundreds of data points across multiple calendar years, locations, and companies. Additionally, included intelligent search function accelerates and facilitates finding of required data points. Web-based solution also saves report templates as they are created and facilitates export into various formats.

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Paycor Unveils Custom Web Reporting Payroll and HR Software

New software offers payroll and human resource administrators enhanced reporting options in a user-friendly interface

CINCINNATI -- Paycor announces the launch of Custom Web Reporting, a new reporting product, which offers businesses of any size expanded reporting options through a series of innovative and time-saving features.

Custom Web Reporting enables users to develop reports on labor distribution, employee overtime and benefits, reconciliation of health insurance costs, and workers' compensation, among other things. The program provides access to hundreds of data points across multiple calendar years, locations and companies. Additional features include an intelligent search function, letting users quickly and easily find the data point needed.

"Constant development of new, improved products and services that exceed our clients' expectations and make their jobs easier is crucial to us. That's why, with our latest product, Custom Web Reporting, we conducted user tests and solicited feedback throughout the product's development process," said Stacey Browning, senior vice president, Paycor. "As a result, Custom Web Reporting truly allows our clients to gain new insight into their business, while meeting their unique reporting needs."

The Web-based software saves all report templates as they are created and allows for easy exporting into Microsoft Office Excel, HTML and other formats. User can even adjust parameters for confidentiality and security.

"Custom Web Reporting will be a game changer for our business," said Bill Walker, Oxford Physical Therapy. "With its time-saving reporting features and easy-to-use menu system, I can now customize reports for my owners and accountant."

Compatible with all major Internet browser providers, Custom Web Reporting can be implemented for businesses of any size. For more information, visit www.paycor.com/customwebreporting.

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Paycor is one of America's largest independent payroll and HR service providers. With more than 18,000 clients and offices in 19 major U.S. cities, Paycor is a full-service payroll and human resources company. Paycor services include tax filing in every jurisdiction in the United States, direct deposit, 401(k) retirement services, time and attendance, and workers' compensation calculation and filing. For more information, visit www.paycor.com.

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