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Feb 14/08

Free Software for Injection Molding Engineering and Management at Injecneering.com(TM) Injecnet Solutions Inc. is providing free applications for injection molding engineering and management at www.injecneering.com(TM). Six applications under the brand name ProMax-One(TM) can be downloaded at no cost and with absolutely no limitations:
ProMax-One(TM) suite of free applications
Molds Database
Machines Database
Plastic Parts Cost Calculator
Mold Estimator
Machine Selector
Mould Design Revision

These high-end, cutting edge applications assist people in the industry during their injection molding projects. The applications manage a molds and machines database in your network and feature tools to assist most engineering tasks of a mold construction project. Use them to decide on number of tools, cavities, work load; calculate cycle times, estimate parts cost, calculate clamp force and shot size for machine selection and to check if the tool fits in a specific injection molding machine.

The applications are highly innovative and user friendly. The molds, machines and calculations are stored in a central database in your network or hard drive and can be consulted and modified by anybody within your company using the free applications offered at Injecneering.com(TM) Injecnet Solutions Inc. is the only company of its kind that offers free software with this level of sophistication.

Injecneering.com(TM) will soon become one on the most recognized engineering resources for the injection molding industry as it will help companies to increase the quality and productivity of their injection molding projects.

For your convenience, a desktop version can also be purchased at a very reasonable price. The desktop version integrates the free applications offered at Injecneering.com under a single interface and is installed in your hard drive. The free versions must be run from the web site whenever needed and each application runs independently. Both the Desktop and the on-line applications are fully compatible and offer the very same functionality.

Injecnet Solutions Inc.

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