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Built around proprietary ICSA-certified inspection engine and malware identification techniques, Anchiva 206 ensures Internet traffic flowing in and out of corporate networks is inspected and clean. Threat protection database, featuring over 1 million signatures, protects companies with 50-100 employees from web and email borne malware, spyware, viruses, and botnet infections. Along with 6 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, unit features 2 sets of LAN bypass ports.

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Anchiva Systems Unveils New Web Content Security Appliance to Help the Small Business Market Protect from Web-Borne Malware, Spyware and Viruses

New Anchiva Appliance Delivers Highest Breadth of Security Threat Coverage in the Industry

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 15 -- Anchiva Systems, Inc., a leading provider of Web security appliances today announced the availability of a new Web content security appliance, the Anchiva 206. Designed to protect companies with 50-100 employees from Web and email borne malware, spyware, viruses, and botnet infections, the Anchiva 206 delivers the industry's most comprehensive and in-depth threat coverage with the capacity to prevent over 1 million old and new threats in a single appliance. Anchiva's threat protection database currently includes over 1 million signatures and is growing at over 15,000 new threat protections per week.

"Recent attacks on sites such as Monster.com and YouTube clearly confirm that cyber-criminals are using new tactics to steal confidential personal and corporate information," said Charles Clark, Anchiva's chief executive officer. "Historically, hackers have leveraged email and spam as their mode of proliferating their malware, but what our RapidRx threat research labs is seeing in the wild and other security analysts have verified, is that web-borne malware infections has surpassed email as the number one infection vector to infect home and corporate internet users." The problem with current solutions such as Unified Threat Management Systems is that they provide a very limited scope of anti-virus and anti-malware protection, and they lack the scalability to offer protection against the massive growth of web-borne malware. Additionally, newer, higher-end security gateways typically come at too high a price for smaller organizations. Anchiva is delivering a solution that provides unparalleled protection and superior performance, at a palatable price."

The use of Web 2.0 applications has become popular in the enterprise but accessing websites such as Wiki's, Blogs, and Social networking sites has created a gaping hole into the network and hackers are exploiting the use of these websites by planting their malware to silently infect users during their visits. Once a host on the network becomes infected, the hackers can then use the host to perform an array of malicious actions such as installing a key logger to steal sensitive information, planting a rootkit, backdoor or Trojan to gain access to the network or to draft the infected host as part of a botnet that could use your network to further distribute spam and malware. Since small companies are just as much at risk as larger organizations, Anchiva has created a Web security appliance that will protect a network at both inbound and outbound entry points. Security solutions available today need to have in-depth, application-centric, scanning and filtering capabilities to protect vital data. Anti-virus and anti-spyware signatures need to be updated frequently to protect companies against all threats while maintaining the pace of business. Having a security solution that addresses a complete range of security threats as well as performance needs is crucial to small-business operations.

The Anchiva 206 -- Protecting Small Businesses at a Palatable Price Point
-- Protection for over 1 million different malware treats via the industry's broadest signature collection.
-- Protection from web sites with poor reputations which may distribute malware and zero day threats.
-- 6 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for multiple segment filtering and protection.
-- Two sets of LAN Bypass ports to insure that multiple segments are not impacted during system unavailability.
-- Integrated Web and Email malware prevention secures multiple infection vectors into the network
-- Set and forget seamless installations that do not disrupt the existing network

Developed around Anchiva's ICSA certified inspection engine and patent-pending malware identification techniques, Anchiva's 206 ensures Internet traffic flowing in and out of corporate networks is inspected and cleansed of malware. Addressing the needs of small, medium and large sized companies, Anchiva's Web Security Appliances deliver a distinctive solution that scans the volumes of inbound and outbound messages passing through network infrastructures to ensure business applications continue running as usual.

About Anchiva Systems, Inc.

Anchiva Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of high-performance, network-friendly, Web security appliances for small to large sized companies. Anchiva provides one of the industry's most comprehensive, enterprise-class web security solutions in an appliance, designed to protect and secure mission-critical networks from malicious security threats including malware, spyware, viruses, and worms.

Anchiva advanced architecture combines elements of both security and networking. With expertise in security, anti-virus, content filtering, software and system architectures from companies such as NetScreen, Fortinet, TrendMicro and Juniper Networks, Anchiva's mission is to deliver world-class security appliances that fit seamlessly into the network.

Anchiva Systems serves Global 2000 customers with its headquarters in Santa Clara, California, and regional offices in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit www.anchiva.com/ or call 408-492-9712.

CONTACT: Valerie Beaudett of Trier and Company, +1-650-838-9577 valerie@triercompany.com, for Anchiva

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