Web Content Delivery Service optimizes multimedia viewing.

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Progressive Download Seek (PDSeek) service conserves bandwidth by enabling websites to deliver media files via progressive download as opposed to streaming protocols, without sacrificing user experience. To promote end-user experience, service lets Internet video and audio users immediately jump to any point in multimedia files delivered via HTTP.

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Panther Express Announces New Feature to Improve Web User Multimedia Experience

Progressive Download Seek improves end-user experience while reducing bandwidth costs

NEW YORK, Sept. 20 -- Panther Express, a global provider of high-performance, low cost content delivery, announced today the launch of their Progressive Download Seek (PDSeek) service, making them the first CDN to provide the ability for Internet video and audio users to immediately jump to any point in multimedia files delivered via HTTP. Web sites can now deliver media files via progressive download rather than using expensive streaming protocols without sacrificing user experience. Content providers will improve their users' satisfaction by providing immediate access to any portion of a file. Content providers will also benefit from bandwidth savings by using PDSeek.

In the past, users viewing media files via progressive download had to wait for sequential download of the file before they could access the part they want, resulting in a lengthy download process, even when using high-speed connections. With PDSeek, Panther eliminates the long wait and resulting user frustration.

"End-users are now able to control their own experience, instead of the web video dictating a frustrating viewing experience," says Dwight Merriman, Chairman and Co-Founder of Panther Express. "Panther believes that over time more video will be served by progressive download versus streaming protocols. We are uniquely positioned to address this market growth."

Panther focuses on this rapidly growing market and delivers a comprehensive suite of services to encourage market growth. PDSeek is the latest in a series of features focused on this rapidly growing market. Earlier this year, Panther announced a bandwidth throttling feature that also addresses the progressive download market. Bandwidth throttling limits the download rate of a file allowing multimedia publishers to avoid the high bandwidth costs associated with downloading video files that are not fully- viewed. This family of features delivers on Panther's commitment to offer high performance CDN services at the industry's lowest cost with the most attractive terms.

About Panther Express

Panther Express Corp. is a high-performance content delivery network (CDN) with an innovative low-cost infrastructure. Founded in 2005 by former DoubleClick CEO Kevin Ryan and DoubleClick Co-founder and former CTO Dwight Merriman, Panther Express ensures rapid, reliable and scalable performance without long-term contracts or monthly minimums to Internet sites worldwide. Panther Express is privately held and based in New York.

For more information contact Panther Express at 134 Fifth Avenue, Fifth Floor, New York, New York 10011, email info@pantherexpress.net, or visit http://www.pantherexpress.net/.

CONTACT: Judy Baliman of Panther Express Corp., +1-212-741-2406, jbaliman@pantherexpress.net

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