Web Cleaning System scrubs off surface static.

Press Release Summary:

System removes surface contamination caused by electrostatic attraction and triboelectrification during material manufacturing and slitting processes. It neutralizes web, maintains web in static free state during printing process, and keeps web static-free when rewound. Low-profile system requires only 3 in. above and below web, making it possible to fit narrow web machines. It is available for stock sizes of 8, 12, 16, 18, 21 and 24 in.

Original Press Release:

ElectroStatics, Incorporated Presents The "Autostat Narrow Web Cleaning System".

The system is a guaranteed solution for the removal of surface contamination due to electrostatic attraction. The basic cause of contamination on a web is electrostatic attraction. The product becomes charged by Triboelectrification during the material manufacturing and slitting processes. Airborne contamination is drawn then electrostatically bonded and held on the surface.

The solution to the problem is threefold. First, the web must be neutralized and contamination removed simultaneously. Second, the web must be maintained in a static free state during the printing process. Finally, the web should be static free when rewound. ElectroStatics, Inc. has developed a proven system to accomplish all three tasks.

It's low profile design, only 3" are required above and below the web, makes it possible to fit into narrow web machines. Standard stock sizes of 8", 12", 1 6", 18", 21", 24" with standard dust collectors are eligible for trial.

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