Web-Based Storefront facilitates ordering efficiency.

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For products in shopping cart, B2B Seller v3.0 notifies users of accessory and complementary items before checkout. When searching for items, users can input their own part numbers, correct SKUs are found by cross-referencing Prophet 21 enterprise software solution for alternate item codes. Master product categories facilitate site navigation and simplify site maintenance by displaying one image and generic description for group of similar items.

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Prophet 21 Releases B2B Seller Version 3.0

Newest Version of Web-based Storefront Enhances Customer Service and Satisfaction

YARDLEY, PA, May 17, 2004 - As a wholesale distributor of tractor replacement parts, Temco H-M Parts Company offers dozens of mufflers through its Prophet 21 B2B Seller Web site. But, a customer who purchases a muffler via www.temcoparts.com might not realize that he also needs a clamp to attach the piece to his automobile.

Luckily, B2B Seller 3.0 offers a solution. The latest release of Prophet 21's fully integrated, Web-based storefront, B2B Seller 3.0 automatically notifies customers of accessory and complementary items - like clamps for a muffler - before checkout, increasing sales opportunities and improving customer service. "This will definitely increase customer satisfaction because they won't have to come back two or three times - or go somewhere else - to get everything they need," said Temco vice president Bob Waggoner.

"Each new feature in B2B Seller 3.0 is developed to help distributors increase market share and cut costs - without sacrificing service," said Chuck Boyle, Prophet 21 president and CEO. "This release includes features that enable distributors to better service customers while capitalizing on new revenue opportunities."

Speaking the Same Language

Another B2B Seller 3.0 feature Temco customers benefit from is the ability to search for items by their own part numbers. "We might call something x - and a customer will call it y," Waggoner said. "And a manufacturer will call it something else. It can get confusing for someone trying to order something."

B2B Seller 3.0 helps ensure shoppers always find the SKUs they need by cross-referencing Temco's Prophet 21 enterprise software solution for alternate item codes. "Because we keep extensive lists of alternate item codes, customers will be able to find what they need immediately," Waggoner said. "Before, they might have had to check our catalog or call a service rep."

Waggoner is also excited about B2B Seller 3.0's master product categories. Master product categories make it easier for customers to navigate the company's Web site while simplifying site maintenance by allowing Waggoner to display one image and generic description for a group of similar items. "We sell about 500 different types of belts - and the only thing differentiating one belt from the next is its length and width," he said. "Because we can associate one photo with all of those products, it's a huge internal time saver. And customers won't have to page through hundreds of photos."

Features in B2B Seller 3.0 Include:

o Add Past Purchases to Shopping List: Customers often know that they want the same thing they ordered last time, but cannot remember specific details about a particular item. B2B Seller 3.0 makes it easier for customers to order what they need - and eliminates time-consuming calls to your customer service representatives - by giving them the ability to add items from past purchases directly to shopping carts or lists

o Unordered Items Remain in Cart Between Browser Sessions: Increase sales by reminding visitors about items they considered purchasing, but didn't: B2B Seller 3.0 "remembers" what customers added to their shopping carts between visits to your Web-based storefront by "dropping" browser cookies onto their computers

o Site Statistics: Improve sales and marketing efforts with better information about customer activity at your site. B2B Seller 3.0 offers extensive data - including information about who visits your Web-based storefront, when they visit, and what items are in their abandoned shopping carts - you can use to gain insight into when, why, and how customers buy

o And many more!

Pricing and Availability

Prophet 21 B2B Seller version 3.0 is now available. For additional information and pricing, please visit www.p21.com or call 1-800-PROPHET, press 1.

About Prophet 21

Since 1967, Prophet 21 has been a leader in providing durable goods distributors with innovative, adaptive solutions essential for running their businesses. With more than 2,600 customers and 84,000 users conducting over $44 billion in highly complex supply chain transactions annually, Prophet 21 is a true business partner, helping companies of all sizes leverage technologies and maintain a competitive advantage. Through its business technology and services, Prophet 21 seeks to streamline customers' business processes and reduce transaction costs to maximize profit and growth.

Prophet 21 offers enterprise software solutions that provide organizations with powerful, highly customizable applications designed to improve customer service and maximize their return on investment. In addition, the company offers an Internet trading network that streamlines the commerce process between distributors, manufacturers/suppliers, and end-users. A complete line of professional services backs all Prophet 21 solutions.

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