WD Bearings Group, Showcases Revolutionary New Ball and Roller Bearings Designs at Hannover Messe

WD Bearings Group, the global leader in customized and precision ball and roller bearings manufacturing, based in China and USA has displayed new premium cylindrical roller bearings, slewing ring bearings, premium ball bearings and Track Roller bearings products, as part of its continuous research and development program, which are revolutionary in design and application at Annual Hannover Messe, Hannover, Germany, one of the most prestigious Technology and Engineering Exhibition in the world.

WD Bearing Group's premium cylindrical roller bearings are a quantum leap in design and application for vibrating motors, increasing impact load, crack resistance and reducing heat to a minimal level, because unlike electrical motors, Vibration motors rotate in high speed with heavy impact load, vibration and swing, which bring extremely high requirements of high impact load and crack resistance to the bearings, in addition to excellent heat resistance, as they work under high temperature with no cooling fans.

WD Bearing Group's slewing ring bearings can support radial, axial and tilting moment loads acting either singly or in combination and in any direction. Therefore, it is possible to replace the combination arrangement of radial and axial bearings by a single bearing, which will measurably reduce the overall cost and simplify the design. Slewing rings are sealed on both sides, lubricated with high quality grease, can be re-lubricated via lubrication nipples and are particularly easy to install. The low cross section, heavy load capacity and integrated gear make these bearings ideal structure components. Slewing ring bearings are widely used in construction machinery, mining equipment and many other industrial products.

WD Bearings Group's premium ball bearings include Deep Groove ball bearings which are designed for high precision, low noise, small vibration, high reliability and long life. They are mainly used in various types of electric motors. They are also known as EMQ (Electric Motor Quality) bearings.

WD Bearings Group's track roller bearings include mast rollers and chain pulleys, and York type track rollers. They are essentially cylindrical roller or needle roller bearings which have a thick-walled outer surface.The pulleys are available with a flat runner surface or a crowned one, which can be designed according to customer's application. They can roll directly on the tray under heavy load and shock load. They are greased for life. Under normal operating conditions, they are maintenance-free, while they should be re-lubricated under severe working condition to prolong the working lifespan. Yoke type track rollers can support high radial loads and axial loads arising from misalignments and skewed running and are suitable for cam drives, slide ways, conveying equipment etc. The bearings are available with or without an inner ring as well as in open and sealed versions.

Speaking about the new revolutionary ball and roller bearing designs exhibited at Hannover Messe, the spokesperson of WD Bearings Group observed "our latest designs are fruits of labor invested by our research and development team, equipped with state of the art laboratory, which includes World Class CNC Machines and Software like CAD, Solid works, ProE, Romax in tune with our company's philosophy, quality creates value".

To know more about the latest products manufactured by WD Bearings Group, please visit the company website www.wd-bearing.com.

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