Wavien Introduces 4D "Floating Holographic Display" at CES 2105

VALENCIA, Calif. -- Wavien, Inc. will be demonstrating 4D "Floating Holographic Display" at the CES Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, January 6th- 9th, Booth 21939. Wavien will be showcasing a series of products that are based on new floating image platforms. Wavien's 4D "Floating Holographic Display" is a new approach for overlapping a digital display with static objects all together. At the booth, several demonstrations of the effect will be shown. This is a fresh new approach to viewing static and digital images together with unique visual experiences by the viewer.

Kenneth Li, the CEO and President of Wavien stated, "We are very excited to make this next jump in the concept of 4D Floating Holographic Display. This new level of performance is a big jump from the existing displays currently available. CES is the perfect place to introduce this new approach since it is the meeting place of companies and manufacturers who are looking for the next great advance."

Wavien is a licensing company and is actively looking for partners to introduce the next level of this technology.

At the show manufacturers and designers will have the opportunity to get details on the licensing of the 4D Floating Holographic Display. Scientists will be on hand at the booth to discuss the various platform capabilities.

"Our team at Wavien has is moving forward with new bold innovations to further improve this technology and create a path for designers and manufacturers to be able to easily adopt these versatile features into new products for tomorrow," added Dr. Li, who is also the inventor of this technology.

About Wavien, Inc.

Wavien, based in Valencia, California, is a technology licensing company developing long-life, advanced high-performance light source solutions including arc lamps, LEDs, lasers, laser/phosphor hybrids, 4D Floating Holographic Display, and plasma lamps, for the next generation of projection and consumer lighting industries. Wavien continues to make major advancements in the LED illumination market with its recycling RLT technology.

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