Waveguide Adapters and Terminations cover 5-40 GHz range.

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Available in rectangular waveguide sizes from WR137 to WR28, Waveguide-to-Coax Adapters and Terminations provide full-band impedance matching with minimal insertion loss. VSWR for adapters and terminations is better than 1.20 and 1.02, respectively. Power handling capabilities range from 0.5 W for WR28 over frequency range of 26.4-40.1 GHz to 2.0 W for WR137 over 5.38-8.17 GHz. Made of precision machined aluminum, adapters and terminations come with SMA or 2.92 mm female connectors.

Original Press Release:

Z-Communications, Inc. is Proud to Announce a New Line of Waveguide-to-Coax Adapters and Precision Low Powered Waveguide Termination Products

Z-Communications, Inc. (Poway, CA) the leader in Voltage Controlled Oscillator and Phase Lock Loop technology is pleased to announce its latest in innovative product development with a new line of waveguide solutions. The waveguide product line provides the microwave industry a new high performance, low cost choice when selecting top of the line precision waveguides for their equipment needs. Z-Communications waveguide products feature a complete list of full-band waveguide-to-coax-adapters along with precision low powered waveguide terminations covering 5 GHz to 40 GHz. Both are sure to make a significant impact in the waveguide marketplace due to their uncompromised performance at an unmatched price.

The waveguide-to-coax adapters and terminations are readily available in rectangular waveguide sizes ranging from WR137 to WR28. Z-Communications unique mechanical design structure utilized in its adapter series provides full-band impedance matching with remarkably low reflection coefficients and minimal insertion loss. This is sure to save engineering time and money from needlessly procuring extra adapters due to its superior performance across the entire band. The VSWR for the waveguide adapters and terminations are better than 1.20 and 1.02, respectively. In addition to the attributes previously mentioned, these compact sized adapters are further enhanced due to its simple structure requiring no extra matching or tuning element reducing the chance of arcing when used in high power applications. Furthermore to the standalone performance of the adapters series, the waveguide terminations provide capable power handling of 0.5W for the WR28 covering 26.4-40.1 GHz to 2.0W for the WR137 over the frequency range of 5.38-8.17 GHz.

Z-Communications complete line of off-the-shelf waveguide-to-coax adapters and terminations come in highly precisioned machined aluminum with either SMA or 2.92mm female connectors. They come in the industry standard square cover flange for all rectangular waveguides except for the WR137 which is available in the standard CPR flange. For ordering information or looking to inquire about other flange and connector types please contact an Applications Engineer via email at applications@zcomm.com or you can visit the web site at zcomm.com.

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