Watt-Hour Meter incorporates Itron 52ESS ERT® technology.

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Electronic Type I-210(TM) measures and transmits energy consumption in single-phase services to Itron handheld, mobile, and fixed network reading systems. Single board contains metering and ERT functionality and can be used for operation from -40 to +85°C. Product is available in standard meter forms for measuring energy consumption in 2- or 3-wire transformer-rated or self-contained residential or commercial single-phase services.

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GE Energy Announces I-210 Meter Embedded with Itron 52ESS ERT® Technology

ATLANTA, GA. - October 13, 2004 - GE Energy has announced the commercial availability of the Type I-210(TM) Singlephase Electronic Watt-hour Meter with Integrated Itron® 52ESS ERT technology. The Type I-210 meter is an electronic watt-hour meter designed for measuring and transmitting energy consumption in singlephase services to Itron handheld, mobile and fixed network reading systems. With this product, GE Energy offers a single board that contains metering and ERT functionality that focuses on reliability and affordability. GE Energy will begin product shipments in late October this year.

The I-210 integrated with Itron 52ESS ERT delivers state-of-the-art measurement performance, durability, accuracy and reliability through its innovative sensor design, mechanical construction and single board design. This I-210 can be used for operation from -40C through +85C. The I-210 meter, with integrated Itron 52ESS ERT technology, is available in all standard meter forms for measuring energy consumption in two-wire or three-wire transformer-rated or self-contained residential or commercial singlephase services.

"Enabling the advanced I-210 solid state meter with Itron ERT functionality is an initial step in GE Energy's commitment to supporting automatic meter reading technologies within our solid state metering platforms," stated Ricardo Artigas, president of energy services for GE Energy, headquartered in Atlanta, GA. "Creating operating cost-saving technologies for our utility customers is critical for their and our future success."

"Our commitment to provide open-architecture solutions that enable our customers to keep their advanced meter technology options open, is a key reason why Itron's AMR system architecture is the most widely used in the utility industry," said Doug Staker, vice president of Itron's AMR Solutions. "This integration of our industry-leading advanced automation technology with a low-cost, solid-state residential metering platform from GE Energy provides our electric utility customers with new choices and capabilities to support their advanced meter data collection strategies."

About GE Energy

GE Energy (www.gepower.com) is one of the world's leading suppliers of power generation and energy delivery technology, with 2003 revenues of nearly $18.5 billion. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, GE Energy provides equipment, service and management solutions across the power generation, oil and gas, transmission and distribution, distributed power and energy rental industries.

About Itron

Itron is a leading technology provider and critical source of knowledge to the global energy and water industries. More than 3,000 utilities worldwide rely on Itron technology to provide the knowledge they require to optimize the delivery and use of energy and water. Itron creates value for its clients by providing industry-leading solutions for electricity metering; meter data collection; energy information management; demand response; load forecasting, analysis and consulting services; distribution system design and optimization; web-based workforce automation; and enterprise and residential energy management. More information is available at www.itron.com.

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