Watertight Plugs/Connectors survive harsh environments.

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Able to withstand wet and damp conditions, Wetguard® plugs and connectors include 8 NEMA and non-NEMA configurations. Devices meet UL type 3/3S/4/4X/6/6P watertight requirements and are rated to IEC ingress protection standards of IP66/IP67 when mated or used with closure caps. Along with nylon bodies molded to elastomeric covers, features include Santoprene(TM) TPV cover and sealing bushing, strain relief system, and nickel-plated brass blades, contacts, wiring screws, and lugs.

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Leviton Expands Wetguard® Watertight Line of Industrial Plugs and Connectors

Melville, New York -- Leviton has expanded its industrial line of Wetguard® plugs and connectors with the addition of 8 new NEMA and non-NEMA configurations, providing for a comprehensive offering to suit a wide range of industrial connection applications. Wetguard plugs and connectors are designed to perform in harsh environments, where connections are routinely exposed to wet and damp conditions.

Wetguard devices meet UL type 3, 3S, 4, 4X, 6 and 6P watertight requirements. In addition, they are rated to IEC ingress protection standards of IP66 and IP67 when mated or used with closure caps. Wetguard plugs and connectors feature nylon bodies molded to elastomeric covers for maximum sealing capability. The Santoprene(TM) TPV cover and sealing bushing resist water, grease, oil, solvents and most acids and alkalis for maximum tolerance to harsh environments. The material additionally offers UV stability and resists fungal growth.

Wetguard's unique strain relief system provides a watertight seal and prevents cord slippage for a wide range of cord diameters. Nickel-plated brass blades, contacts, wiring screws and lugs withstand harsh environments and resist corrosion. In addition, the heavy-duty, nickel-plated brass contacts afford maximum conductivity in every conceivable application environment. Non-magnetic stainless steel body assembly screws prevent electromagnetic interference with expensive electronic equipment and ensure consistent, reliable connectivity.

Wetguard's user-friendly features include deep-fluted finger grips to ensure a firm grip when tightening the nut; a wiring module and husk that are keyed for quick, easy alignment; extra large, deep wiring wells for fast insertion of stranded conductors; and combination Phillips/Slotted/Robertson assembly screws to speed installation. The NEMA configuration number and/or rating are molded onto to the face of the device for quick visual identification of electrical ratings.

Leviton Wetguard devices are listed to UL 498, IEC watertight standards and are CSA and NOM certified. They are backed by Leviton's Lifetime Warranty.

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