Waterjet adds multitasking abilities to existing machinery.

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M-Series enables companies to adapt existing machinery into multi-tasking system by adding waterjet cutting capability. Tent, designed and built to contain all abrasive and water inside tank, makes it possible to keep all M-Series waterjets compact and self-contained. Self-flushing system removes water, abrasive, and any kerf material from inside tank for disposal. Tanks come with 3.5, 5, or 8 in. deep layer of ball bearings to match cutting needs.

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Use a CNC Mill as a Waterjet

Multi-task with this waterjet cutting system

Kent, Ohio -- Thursday, November 10, 2005 - WARDJet, Inc. introduces their new M-Series of waterjets which enables you to use your CNC mill, laser, wood router, robotic arm, oxy-fuel or plasma cutter as a waterjet, and drive the intensifier off compressed air in your shop. Now you can adapt the machinery you own into a multi-tasking system by bringing waterjet cutting into your facility at a low price.

Retrofitting a CNC mill, or other CNC system, and then trying to cut with a waterjet on it would be like throwing buckets of sand and water all over your most treasured machine. The M-Series addresses and remedies this. A 'tent' specifically designed and built to contain all the abrasive and water inside the tank makes it possible to keep all M-Series waterjets compact and self-contained. A self-flushing system removes the water, abrasive and any kerf material from inside the tank for disposal.

The 30" depth of water typically used in a large waterjet tank to dissipate the excess energy of the waterjet stream is replaced with a bed of ball bearings. Tanks come with either a 3.5", 5" or 8" deep layer of balls to match your cutting needs. Different size tanks are also available for different size CNC machines. 'Hooking into' outputs used to operate the mill, or whatever system you are going to use your M-Series with, activates the waterjet cutting head and abrasive feed system. Because the M-Series waterjets are stand-alone units, there is no need to learn any new controller or programming. The same programming used to run your existing machine can be used to operate the waterjet motion.

WARDJet, Inc. manufactures many standard sizes of waterjets, from 4'x5' to 40'x13'. It also supplies the patented WARD 1 and WARD 2 (Waterjet Abrasive Recycling Dispenser) for waterjet companies around the world. For more information contact Julie Kaiser, WARDJet, Inc., 365 Tallmadge Rd., Kent, OH 44240, phone: 330-677-9100, fax: 330-677-9121, sales@wardjet.com. Videos of the patent pending M-Series system and other informational videos can be viewed at www.wardjet.com.

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