Water Reuse System removes Anthrax.

Press Release Summary:

System eliminates Anthrax and 30 other kinds of the most deadly bacteria from public water supplies. Other applications include recycling water for other uses such as watering grass, thus saving water consumption while reducing need to purchase fertilizers, and water bottling industry.

Original Press Release:


In the event of a terrorist attack, water utilities would be protected from harm and from expensive liability afterward.

Tempe, AZ--Water Consultants and Laboratories, founded by an ex-Navy biochemist, has been leaping ahead of other professionals in the field of water consultation by developing new systems and techniques for water reuse and reclamation.

Water Consultants and Laboratories (WCL) has developed a one of a kind water reuse system that will take water discharge and make it an environmentally safe nutrient source for plant life.

The new system takes on added importance as new terrorist threats may be aimed at public water supplies. It eliminates Anthrax and 30 other kinds of the most deadly bacteria.

Utilizing this system, industry can recycle their water for other uses like watering the grass. This system has the potential to save on water consumption while reducing the need to purchase fertilizers.

WCL is working to promote peace of mind and safety for its clients during this time of bio-terrorism by developing a proactive approach to homeland defense. They have implemented this system at a purified water bottling company in Phoenix.

Stephen Currior, president of O Premium Waters says, "Since the 9/11 terrorism attack, we asked Water Consultants and Laboratories to implement a system to help in detecting any potential bio-threats to our purified water systems. We now have a system in place that will alert us of this type of potential health threat.

With WCL's knowledge, service, and integrity we are confident that we have a successful system in place to help maintain purified and safe water products for our customers." Keeping water environmentally safe is a priority at WCL. Chemists are using proprietary measures for removing Boron, a carcinogen proven to cause cancer, from industrial waste water. Boron is an extremely dangerous toxin that not only causes cancer, but eats away at the good bacteria that breaks down waste in our sewage systems.

Staff at WCL also takes on active leadership roles in educating industry on proper care of lakes and ponds. They teach natural means of cleanup instead of using hazardous chemicals that could harm animals and people.

WCL is socially conscious as well as environmentally conscious. They were responsible for solving a potential cholera epidemic in South Africa, saving hundreds, maybe thousands of lives. Their scientists and researchers step up to support 3rd world countries suffering from environmental hazards.

For more information about Water Consultants and Laboratories, log onto www.waterconsultants.com, call 480/929-9180, or write to Water Consultants and Laboratories, L.L.C., 912 S. Park Lane Suite #102, Tempe, AZ. Email: Attn: Troy mailto:garna@waterconsultants.com

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