Water Quality Monitor provides constant surveillance.

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Series 5000 Silica Analyzer provides part-per-billion surveillance to detect demineralizer breakthrough and steam carryover. Its 9073 Sodium Analyzer detects part-per-trillion in condensate. Solution is available with on-line pH monitor probes and ranges. Its sensION(TM)156 Portable pH/conductivity/dissolved oxygen meter tracks these water parameters, while DR/4000 Spectrophotometer provides preprogrammed tests for sensitive water quality tests.

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Hach's Solution for Power Plant Water Systems Helps Defend Against Downtime

Hach Company announces its total solution for optimizing ultrapure water systems in power generation. Continuously reading water quality analyzers at critical system points, and reliable laboratory and on-site measurements on samples throughout the system, detect early water quality changes before equipment damage occurs. Applying the Hach solution elements that suit your water system is, in effect, insurance that protects boiler, turbine, and cooling system components against costly repairs, unscheduled downtime, and reduced productivity.

Hach's Series 5000 Silica Analyzer provides non-stop, part-per-billion surveillance to detect demineralizer breakthrough and steam carryover. The 9073 Sodium Analyzer provides part-per-trillion detection in condensate. A choice of on-line pH monitor probes and ranges assures you meet your system specifications. The reliable sensION(TM)156 Portable pH/conductivity/dissolved oxygen Meter helps operators track these vital water parameters anywhere, anytime. And the workhorse DR/4000 Spectrophotometer boosts your in-house testing power with preprogrammed tests for a multitude of sensitive water quality tests.

Hach total solutions always include world-leading customer and technical support, technical training, and a wide selection of instrument service and support programs. For more about information, contact Hach Company, P.O. Box 389, Loveland, Colorado, 80539 USA; Tel.: 800.227.4224; Fax: 970.669.2932; online: www.hach.com. Ask for literature number 2429.

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