Wastewater Treatment System targets lift stations and wet wells.

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Utilizing Green technology, Little John Digester provides oxidation and removal of FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease), matting, odor, and corrosion in lift stations, grease traps, and wet wells. FOG is converted on contact into suspended micro-fine particulates, which are kept in constant suspension to prevent them from reforming in discharge lines. With no moving parts, system operates with low pressure, high volume airflow provided by regenerative blower located outside pumping station.

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New DO2E For Lift Stations & Wet Wells

DO2E Waste Water Treatment LLC has designed and patented some of the most technologically advanced waste water treatment equipment in the market today. DO2E is proud to offer products that are environmently friendly, air driven, and most importantly have no moving parts. This is a new paradigm in waste water treatment equipment in both municipal and industrial applications. DO2E continues to be on the cutting edge in the design, development, and production of envirnomently friendly and energy efficient technology. Our approach to "Green" technology continues to set new industry standards when it comes to "Solving the World's Water Problems."

This new paradigm that DO2E has created and it offers the following benefits:

-- Reduction in energy costs of up to 90%

-- Reduction in labor costs of up to 90%

-- Reduction in chemical usage of up to 80%

-- Enhanced worker safety by reducing exposure to deadly bacteria such as Hepatitis A, B, and C and other viruses.


DO2E’s patented “Little John Digester” system was designed for the oxidation and removal of F.O.G. (Fats, Oils, & Grease), matting and odor, and corrosion in commercial and residential lift stations, grease traps, and wet wells all by utilizing the latest “Green” technology”.

DO2E’s Little John Digester achieves the oxygen transfer required for the breakdown of F.O.G. particulates. F.O.G. is converted on contact into suspended micro-fine particulates. Our technology keeps the particulates in constant suspension and prevents the converted F.O.G. particulates from reforming in the discharge lines. Our patented Digester has no moving parts and is a cost effective and energy efficient solution for solids removal in Lift Stations and Wet Wells. All models of the Little John Digesters operate with low pressure, high volume airflow provided by a regenerative blower located outside the pumping station.

Most units will come equipped with “A.O.P.”. Advanced Oxidation Processing (A.O.P.) is Hybrid Ozone with Hydroxyl Radicals. A.O.P is used in conjunction with our system for advanced odor control and to correct issues that require specific attention for remediation.

The only maintenance required on DO2E’s Little John Digester is to periodically inspect and clean the air filter located on the blower. With no moving parts, our units enhance worker safety, and Lift Station maintenance is reduced by up to 95%.

Air is injected through a specially designed manifold system constructed of heavy-duty non-corrodible material. Atop this specialized manifold system are stationary ridges or blades. As the air travels up and through the digester cylinder, a void is created. With this “vacuum” effect, solids are pulled in through the bottom of the digester and across the blades/ridges at the top of the unit. At speeds up to 65 fps, the solids are immediately broken into smaller particles when they contact the blades/ridges. This results in a high degree of breakdown on solid materials. Ozone can also be injected in this cylinder, which may further facilitate the digestion process of raw sewage before it enters the wastewater plant. The Little John Digester uses three means of digestion: MECHANICAL, CHEMICAL, & BIOLOGICAL.


The mechanical process works as described above by continuously moving solids at high speeds against the ridges/blades and accounts for approximately 70% of the digestion process.


While we do not add any chemicals to our process, we recycle the existing household chemicals found in grease traps and lift stations such as soaps, detergents, degreasers, solvents, drain cleaners, and other household cleaners that are discarded down the drain. Once discarded, these unused household chemicals become stratified in the water column within the lift station and have little to no effect in the digestion process. We have a unique way of blending all these existing chemicals/components together to further break down the grease and other matting, which occurs naturally in lift stations. This is a key component of our Green Technology, recycling. It is estimated that the chemical digestion accounts for 20 to 25% of the digestion that will be occurring in the lift station after the Little John Digester is installed.


Reducing the “BOD” and “COD” further enhances digestion. By continuously injecting 45 to 50 cfm of warm, fresh air in to the water column, we are able to stimulate and enhance the activity of the microbes/Bugs. The enhancement of the aerobic environment further propagates good bacterial growth. It is estimated that this portion of the digestion process may account for 10-15% of the digestion process.

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