Waste Compactor Monitor detects hydraulic fluid leaks.

Press Release Summary:

Combined with Wireless Waste Edge® Monitor, Leak Edge® option protects compactor users with fail-safe, automated real-time hydraulic fluid leak detection and sends remote alerts by text/email. System utilizes submersible level-sensing probe to identify hydraulic leaks of less than 6 oz, shuts down compactor to stop active leak, and auto-restarts when fluid level is restored. Monitors automatically send fullness, pick-up notifications, and Leak Edge alerts to hauler or other designated recipient.

Original Press Release:

Advanced Waste Compactor Fullness Monitor Reduces Waste Removal Costs, Watches Out for Hydraulic Fluid Leaks

The newest Wireless Waste Edge® Monitor not only dramatically reduces waste removal costs, it can detect compactor hydraulic fluid leaks of less than 6 ounces.
Now combined with Leak Edge® sensing, the latest Waste Edge compactor monitor enhancement adds new capabilities and economic benefits.

When combined with Waste Edge, the new Leak Edge option protects compactor users with fail-safe, automated real-time hydraulic fluid leak detection -and sends remote alerts by text or email.

The fully-automated Leak Edge utilizes a submersible, level-sensing probe and identifies hydraulic leaks before they result in expensive downtime and time-consuming site clean-ups. Hydraulic fluid leaks can be difficult and expensive to clean-up, and possibly involve the EPA and other regulatory agencies. The system shuts down the compactor (to stop the active leak) and even auto-restarts when the fluid level is restored.

Wireless Waste Edge Monitors with the Leak Edge option can be installed on new or existing waste compactors. No phone lines are required. The Monitors automatically send fullness, pick-up notifications and Leak Edge alerts directly to a hauler and/or other designated recipients. Monitors can be contacted at any time for current activity status or for a variety of reports.

For complete details, visit OnePlus.com or contact: One Plus Corp., 3182 MacArthur Blvd., Northbrook, IL 60062. Phone: 847-498-0955 Fax: 847-498-1570 email: info@onepluscorp.com.

Direct product link: http://www.onepluscorp.com/enduser/products-LeakEdge.asp

Leak Edge is the newest enhancement to the patented Waste Edge® --the world's most widely used system for trash compactor fullness monitoring and usage control. Waste Edge is a totally automated, proven means of reducing waste removal costs by accurately monitoring container fullness and notifying the waste hauler only when the compactor container is full.

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