Washdown Solutions from Alpha and WITTENSTEIN


Always providing our customers with what they want, when they need it - alpha & WITTENSTEIN are proud to introduce our wide washdown portfolio which varies according to your application needs, from corrosion resistant IP65 to stainless steel IP66.


Proven in providing our customers with confidence in our servo-ratedTM solutions, our washdown range is another innovation which provides you with confidence and reliability.

For inline planetary solutions, we offer the corrosion resistant LP (GCR) series. Ideal for low-duty applications, this solution is made of nickel-plated housing, shaft, snap ring and key which resists the formation of oxidation at elevated temperature where bleach and foam detergents are used. With a stainless steel output bearing and anodized aluminum adaptor plate with Teflon coating for heat dissipation, this solutions provides the perfect solution for less demanding environments where moisture is an issue. With H1 food-grade grease, the GCR can be used in food processes, as well.

Our SP+ and TP+ inline series have optional lacquer coating ideally suited for wet environments where the precision of our SP+ and TP+ series are required. This product is manufactured with a special lacquer coating and a stainless steel output, allowing for regular cleaning.

For the ultimate in washdown protection, alpha and WITTENSTEIN offer the Stainless SG inline planetary and the ternary® intelligent linear actuator. The SG inline solution is comprised of 304 grade stainless steel shafts and housing and a guaranteed water-tight motor/gearbox connection. Ideal for harsh, washdown environments, this solution provides the ultimate protection with no crevices for retaining fluids or promoting bacteria.

The ternary® is a WITTENSTEIN motion control solution. With IP65 protection, this product is intelligent linear and rotary actuation and ideal for packaging and food-grade applications. Integrating all necessary drive and control components into a single package, the ternary provides easy installation with PLC control and low maintenance for washdown environments. A winning combination, alpha's corrosion resistant gearbox can be mounted to the ternary for rotary actuation.

The innovators in servo gear technology, alpha continues to provide solutions which are the most advanced in the industry, making machines run faster, more efficient and more productive.

WITTENSTEIN motion control is a world leader in design, development and production of electromechanical servo drive systems for rotary and linear motion.

alpha gear drives and WITTENSTEIN motion control are members of the WITTENSTEIN group of companies, recognized globally as a leader in motion control components.

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