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ACCPAC Warehouse Management System(TM) v3.4 provides detailed inventory information to help speed up pick, pack, and ship process. Web and handheld device-based solution provides customer-facing employees with up-to-date window on warehouse operations. Products made from a combination of components can be set up as a Kit and tracked as a single SKU. It also includes serialized inventory control as well as bill of lading and manifest tracking functions.

Original Press Release:

ACCPAC Picks, Packs, and Ships New Version Of Warehouse Management System

Significantly Improves Speed and Efficiency of Inventory Management

PLEASANTON, Calif., December 2, 2003 - ACCPAC International, Inc., a subsidiary of Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE: CA), announced today the release of version 3.4 of its ACCPAC Warehouse Management System(tm) (WMS) designed for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs). With ACCPAC WMS(tm) version 3.4, warehouse managers have more detailed inventory information to speed up the "pick, pack and ship" process, improving overall productivity, while reducing costly inventory-related mistakes. Major enhancements in this latest version include:

o Optimized kitting;
o Improved serialized inventory control;
o New bill of lading and manifest tracking features;
o Time-saving inventory replenishment and picking tools, and;
o Additional security features.

"Getting manufactured goods in and out the door efficiently is one of the most basic business management processes, but it's one that many companies still struggle with," said ACCPAC Vice President of Product Management, Craig Downing. "Our latest version of ACCPAC WMS enables companies to more effectively manage the inventory in their supply chains. As a result, companies are able to serve their customers promptly - and cost-effectively - giving them a true competitive advantage over those who lack this time-saving warehousing automation."

The ACCPAC Warehouse Management System is a Web and handheld device-based, single-source "pick, pack and ship" solution for SMBs. Fully integrated with ACCPAC Advantage Series and ACCPAC Pro Series accounting systems and other ACCPAC end-to-end business management applications, ACCPAC WMS improves inventory control, reduces paperwork, increases stock handling efficiency and accuracy, and provides customer-facing employees with an up-to-date window on warehouse operations that significantly improves customer relations.

New Optimized Kitting Feature
Using ACCPAC WMS version 3.4, products that are made from a combination of components in inventory can now be set up as a Kit and be picked, packed, shipped and tracked as a single stock-keeping unit (SKU). This feature is optimized to support attribute control and fractional quantities, providing warehouses with the ability to track the quantity of each Kit component in stock, how many built Kits are in inventory, and the configuration status of partially assembled Kits-all in real-time. Kit configuration set-up screens are available.

Improved Serialized Inventory Control
ACCPAC WMS version 3.4 provides enhanced attribute control and serial number support that allows for better serial stock-move operations and validation within the warehouse. As a result, inventory mistakes are reduced and tracking efficiency is improved. Cycle count by serial numbers is included, enabling the distribution center or warehouse to assign cycle counts to specific serial numbers and allowing for full management of inventory by serial numbers. Products can be verified in all locations where the serialized inventory is stored.

New LTL Bills of Lading Manifest Tracking Users can now meet shipping requirements for Less Than Truck Load (LTL) quantities in their bills of lading manifests. This key new feature is especially valuable for distribution centers that frequently ship partial loads, an option that is not supported by many other warehouse automation systems. With ACCPAC WMS version 3.4, companies can ship and track any size shipment once the carrier is selected, eliminating unnecessary delays.

Improved, Time-Saving Inventory Management Tools ACCPAC WMS 3.4 offers two new replenishment features that enable warehouse managers to better manage reallocation and replenishment of inventory. The new Advance Replenishment by Minimum and Maximum feature provides real-time visibility of unallocated inventory, resulting in more efficient stock level management. The Advance Replenishment by Velocity feature gives users the ability to track the timeframe in which inventory is turned over. Both of these new features provide warehouse managers with the ability to forecast inventory depletion to ensure continuous availability of goods to their customers.

In addition, ACCPAC WMS 3.4 supports "Supermarket picking," which enables warehouse pickers to efficiently fill multiple orders simultaneously and dramatically reduce picking time. Pickers can now select items for multiple orders in a single run, load them on a cart, then leave all orders at the packing station where the packer can use a radio frequency (RF) scanner to direct placement of items in their respective cartons. This process can be managed using a simple touch screen, and is useful for high-volume warehouses and distribution centers.

New Security Features
ACCPAC WMS version 3.4 incorporates new menu options to enable users to set up new, custom features within their system, including advanced security. In addition, warehouse administrators now have more control and flexibility over selecting and configuring permissions access within their system.

Pricing and Availability
Version 3.4 of the ACCPAC Warehouse Management System is available now from ACCPAC Solution Providers worldwide starting at an SRP of $30,000 (USD).

ACCPAC International, Inc., a subsidiary of Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE: CA), provides small and mid-size businesses a broad range of end-to-end business management applications designed to enhance customers' competitive advantage. Product lines include ACCPAC CRM(tm), ACCPAC CRM SalesTeam(tm), ACCPAC Advantage Series(tm), ACCPAC Pro Series(tm), ACCPAC HR Series(tm), ACCPAC Business Analysis Suite(tm), ACCPAC eTransact®, ACCPAC Exchange(tm), ACCPAC Warehouse Management System(tm), ACCPAC ePOS*, ACCPAC Insight(tm), Simply Accounting®, FAXserve(tm) and ACCPAC Messenger(tm).

Based in Pleasanton, Calif., USA, with offices in Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, the Middle East, the Netherlands, South Africa, Southeast Asia and the United Kingdom, ACCPAC has more than 500,000 customers and more than 7,000 channel partners in more than 130 countries worldwide. For more information about ACCPAC and our products, call 1-800-945-8007 in North America, or visit ACCPAC at www.accpac.com and www.accpaconline.com.

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