WARDJet's Innovative Waterjets

WARDJet, Inc., a manufacturer of waterjet systems is taking a unique approach to displaying their product at IMTS in 2006. Attendees will have the opportunity to literally work with the machinery, software, components and products. Designed to be functional, practical, easy to service and maintain, WARDJet's waterjets are built to be expandable and grow with users as their businesses flourish.

These multifunctional units come with an inspiring list of options that can be added at any stage, like water-only cutting, laser alignment, drilling and reaming, rotary axis pipe cutting, automatic height sensors and adjustment, wireless pendants, live video monitoring and much more. Integrated clamping, jig and fixturing allow quick and easy loading, cutting and unloading of parts.

It is clear that WARDJet, when selling off their large job shop division in 2003, took all the knowledge gained and incorporated everything into these sturdy machines. Come and see us at IMTS, Booth B-6268 - it is one waterjet booth you will not want to miss.

Updated company information:
WARDJet, Inc.
180 South Ave.
P.O. Box 517
Tallmadge, OH 44278
PH: 330-677-9100
FX: 330-677-9121

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