WALLS + FORMS Now Has Cost Effective, Versatile, 'Lights Alive' Backlit Floor Stand Displays

Walls + Forms now has a new range of cost effective, versatile "Lights Alive" backlit floor stand displays that are available in illuminated or non-lit styles. They are a definitive highlight for retail, banking, tradeshow, P.O.P. display, showroom, advertising, shopping mall, and additional applications as vast as one's imagination.

Lights Alive features an exclusive low profile aluminum framing system that enables the production of virtually any size high quality lighted display. The simplicity of design allows for matching to any store d©cor or corporate color scheme including marble, wood grain, and more.

The Lights Alive backlit floor stand displays (see photo) are available in two, three and four sided formats at a budget price. They feature slatwall panels that can be used for merchandising product or for literature holders, and offer easy changing of advertising images. Black is the standard color, with alternatives also available.

Lights Alive floor stands offer a variety of options by tier. They can feature a permanent tier logo or product section at the top "tier" or alternatively in the middle or on the bottom. This is ideal when the floor stand is used as a standalone POP display or as an "attention grabber" alongside a kiosk or store entry. Any of these tiers (or panel sections) can be built with a permanent insert. This insert can be a silk screened or print graphic containing the customer's logo, company name, or product name. The permanency of the panel is important to many product sellers who want the display to be used exclusively for their brand or product and don't want to worry about a dealer or retail store converting the display for other purposes.

A changeable graphic tier is the same as the permanent tier description, while allowing any or all the tiers to be made to receive graphics from the side or top of the frame. A merchandising tier allows you to insert pegboard, slot, panel, or slatwall into the frame. Most likely this will be the bottom tier on one, two, three, or four sides, depending upon the display's configuration. An illuminated tier enables you to construct one or the entire tier for illumination.

Lights Alive offers a multitude of options at the point of sale, also featuring standard sizes of single and double-sided light boxes with free standing and hanging options and a ceiling mounted model that steals existing light from the fixture. .

For further information, contact sales department, Walls + Forms Inc., P.O. Box 741112, Dallas, TX 75374-1112 USA. Phone: 972-745-0800. Fax: 972-304-8402. E-Mail: info@wallsforms.com

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