Wall Scraper gives workers extended reach into tanks.

Press Release Summary:

LONG REACH consists of heat-treated aluminum scraper paddle and 6 ft long aluminum pole extensions that snap together. Paddle is 5 in. wide with chisel edge. Pole/paddle assembly measures 24 ft long and weighs only 10 lbs. It is suitable for scraping hopper-car, tank-car, and storage-bin interiors.

Original Press Release:

LONG REACH Bin and Tank Wall Scraper

As the latest addition to its Miracle Brand(TM) line of all-aluminum maintenance tools, Aldon Company, Inc. introduces the LONG REACH wall scraper with pole extensions. Ideal for scraping hopper car and tank car interiors, as well as storage bin interiors. The heat-treated aluminum scraper paddle is 5" wide with a chisel edge. Six foot long aluminum pole extensions snap together to give the worker a long reach into a tank or bin. A 24-foot long pole/paddle assembly weighs only 10 pounds.

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