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Wall-Mounted Frame provides compact storage solution.

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Wall-Mounted Frame provides compact storage solution.

May 02, 2006 - With proper anchors and strong wall, multipurpose frames offer 300 lb capacity for storing objects using wall space (up to 500 lb with set of 3 frames). Products measure 72 in. high and can be cut in two 36 in. frames or four 18 in. frames. Perforated every 1 in. for adjustment of accessories, frames can be combined with accessories such as overhead workstation lights, louvered panels for plastic bins, and overhead tool rails.

Rousseau Metal, Inc. - Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, QC, CAN

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The Rousseau Multi-Purpose Wall Mounted Frame

Press release date: Apr 24, 2006

Rousseau has come up with a solution that can help you store objects by using the wall space of your company. With proper anchors and a strong wall, these frames have a 300-pound capacity, or up to 500 pounds with a set of 3 frames. The frames are 72" high and can be cut in two 36'' frames or in four 18" frames. They are perforated at every 1'' c/c for optimum adjustment of accessories. Can be combined with many accessories such as: Overhead workstation lights; Louvered panels for plastic bins; Overhead tool rails and much, much more.

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