Wall-Mount Literature Holders withstand outdoor use.

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Intended for businesses that are closed during certain hours, Outdoor Wall-Mount Literature Holders encourage customers to learn more about business, such as operating hours, special promotions, and services, and gives them reasons to return. Units have snap-shut lids marked Take One and are made of clear plastic to protect contents in foul weather. Holders are suitable for many types of businesses, including doctors, lawyers, restaurants, bars, spas, and boutiques.

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Brick and Mortar Retailers and Business Service Providers - remain "OPEN" for communication 24/7. It's a lot easier than you might imagine. Here's how

Your business is probably closed certain hours but it doesn’t mean your storefront can’t be an all day and night sales machine.

Hackensack, NJ, – Clip Strip Corp., point of purchase innovators, carries two perfect solutions depending on the size of your printed piece. They have snap-shut lids marked with “TAKE ONE”, and to protect the contents in foul weather and are made of clear, durable plastic – making it obvious that you have something enclosed.   

You operate a typical walk-up storefront in a downtown setting or at a strip mall, but unless your business is open 24/7, you are most likely losing out on an important communication opportunity that helps connect you with potential customers during off hours.

Some customers are just walking by and others didn’t know you were closed. They of course will realize that the business is closed and walk away…with no information! This is a missed opportunity. If it was a website, we’d call it a BOUNCE.

An easy, effective and affordable solution is utilizing Outdoor Wall-Mount Literature Holders where you can safely place your printed brochures, flyers etc. These “Take One” brochure holders encourage  customers to learn more about your business (operating hours, special promotions and services, etc.)   and gives them reasons to return the following day (at a time when you are open and ready to attend to their needs). Make your business function like a 24/7 machine. If applicable, you can even encourage shopping or informational visits on your website. Doctors, lawyers, restaurants, bars, spas and boutiques; the list of businesses that can benefit from Outdoor Wall-mount Literature Holders is endless. 

Are you in real estate? A “For Sale” sign is of course mandatory, but without a “Take-One” outdoor literature holder, you also could be missing out on huge sales opportunities.  Always make sure you are making that sign into an interactive tool maximizing its potential as a lead and sales generator.

You can see their complete product line at www.ClipStrip.com, navigate to the “Literature Holders” section or call them at 1-800-425-4778 today.

About Clip Strip Corp.

Clip Strip Corp is a full service manufacturer and distributor of Point of Purchase display merchandisers, sign holders and display construction components. Besides producing a full line of Clip Strip® Brand Merchandisers in plastic and metal with hooks and an adhesive based mounting strip merchandiser, they also carry a wide array of other Point of Purchase products.  They range from different styles of wall-mount, ceiling, counter top, shelf edge and floor Sign Holders to Hang Tabs, Peg Hook Systems, Literature Holders and POP Display Construction Components.  Same-day shipping is guaranteed on all orders placed before 3pm EST. The company’s main office is located at 343 South River Street, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601.  Contact Clip Strip Corp. by Toll Free phone at 1-800-425-4778, by email at info@clipstrip.com and via their website at www.ClipStrip.com.




ADDRESS: 343 South River Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601

TELEPHONE: 1-800-425-4778

AUTHORIZED BY: John Spitaletta

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