Wafer Feeder offers on-line wafer expander option.

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Wafer Feeder is compatible with industry-standard wafer sizes, including 12, 8, and 6 in., and accepts full 25-wafer cassettes. It combines programmable die ejection, theta correction and expansion with wafer mapping and ink dot recognition, bar code identification, and tracking of wafers to handle complex dies in 300 mm format. Use of parallel processing has pared tact time as low as 1 sec/ die. Feeder is compatible with Class 10,000 clean rooms.

Original Press Release:

More Flexibility for Single and Multi-Part Number Wafer Feeding

Universal Instruments has added an on-line wafer expander option to its wafer feeder system for advanced semiconductor assembly. The on-line wafer expander will be especially valuable when processing single part number 300mm wafers. Universal has also retained the wafer feeder's off-line wafer expansion capability for multi-part number wafer processing.

The Universal wafer feeder is compatible with industry standard wafer sizes, including 12-inch, 8-inch and 6-inch, and accepts full 25 wafer cassettes. It provides a versatile and reliable platform from which to load wafers for a back-end packaging process, and incorporates industry proven techniques for handling wafers. All other Universal die feeding alternatives remain available, providing maximum flexibility.

Programmable die ejection, theta correction and expansion, combined with wafer mapping and ink dot recognition, bar code identification and tracking of wafers, effortlessly handle the most complex dies in 300mm format.

High speed throughput is also inherent to the Universal loader's design. Maximum use of parallel processing has pared tact time as low as 1 second per die. The off-line version of the wafer feeder, ideal for multi-chip part number applications remains available.

Designed on a small footprint of 46" x 37" (1.17 x 0.94m), the feeder forms part of a space-efficient semiconductor processing capability. The loader is compatible with class 10,000 clean rooms, allowing customers to quickly adopt Universal's high throughput, small footprint, cost-effective packaging solutions within their existing back-end packaging facilities.

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