WACKER Presents High-Performance Additives for the Chinese Adhesive and Sealant Industry at CHINA ADHESIVE 2006

Shanghai, November 22, 2006 - Under the "Performance for your adhesives" motto, WACKER is presenting high-performance additives at the 9th China International Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition (CHINA ADHESIVE) in Guangzhou, China from November 22-24. The focus is on two product classes: pyrogenic silica to control rheology and reinforce adhesives and sealants, as well as a broad range of vinyl-acetate-based polymers. The polymers serve as binders in applications such as PVC and parquet-floor adhesives. Plus, they prevent undesirable shrinkage for reactive adhesives.

WACKER is one of the world's leading producers of pyrogenic silica. Sold under the HDK® trademark, these products are highly efficient formulation additives. They are available in a wide range of hydrophilic and hydrophobic grades; an aqueous HDK® dispersion is also offered. Used by diverse industrial sectors, pyrogenic silica products are found in numerous applications. HDK® serves as a rheology additive in liquid systems and resins, such as adhesives, sealants, plastisols, coatings and composite raw materials. In the formulation of modern coatings, HDK® enables the selective control of flow and layer thickness. In clear coats, the additive ensures high transparency.

Moreover, WACKER's pyrogenic silica improves storage stability by effectively preventing pigment and filler sedimentation. The pronounced thixotropic performance of adhesives formulated with HDK® facilitates problem-free processing. It ensures optimum viscosity, both during and after application. HDK® imparts sealants and coatings with an optimum processing profile, as well as non-slump properties and a defined yield point.

Another field of application is flow control for powders. Pyrogenic silica is added in order to fine-tune the flow properties of catalysts, curing agents, pigments and other powders. Moreover, HDK® serves as an antiblocking additive in the manufacture of polymer granules, pellets, flakes and extruded films. It readily adsorbs liquid additives, making them available as free-flowing powders.

As one of the few active fillers, HDK® also serves to reinforce sealants, adhesives, coatings and composite parts. In doing so, it significantly enhances the mechanical properties of not only silicone elastomers, but also other sealants and rubbers. Elastomers reinforced with WACKER pyrogenic silica exhibit enhanced tensile and fatigue strength, greater elasticity and crystal-clear transparency.

Vinyl-Acetate-Based Polymers for Coating and Adhesive Applications
WACKER is one of the world's leading manufacturers of vinyl-acetate-based polymers. The Group has been offering an extensive range of versatile vinyl-acetate-based homopolymers, copolymers and derivatives for nearly 50 years under the VINNAPAS®, VINNOL® and PIOLOFORM® trademarks.

WACKER is showcasing the following products at CHINA ADHESIVE 2006:
o VINNAPAS® solid resins
Due to their excellent adhesion to various substrates, such as wood, paper, cardboard and metal, VINNAPAS® solid resins are used by the adhesives industry in numerous solvent-based adhesives. In acrylic reactive adhesives, VINNAPAS® contributes toward significantly reducing shrinkage during curing. Shrinkage of this sort is usually undesired, since it could lead to stress cracking and resultant failure of the adhesive bond. The product range covers homopolymers and copolymers in various viscosities and delivery forms.

Under the VINNOL® trademark, WACKER offers multifunctional binders for adhesives. The range contains grades both with and without functional groups, thereby offering a wide spectrum of uses. All VINNOL® grades can be combined with each other, a fact which allows the adhesive to be customized to the requirements of the application. Moreover, VINNOL® is also used as a binder for industrial coatings and printing inks. The VINNOL® M grades, which contain carboxyl groups, show outstanding adhesion to metal. Therefore, they are the binders of choice for formulating systems that must bond to metal. Further applications of VINNOL® include plastic coatings, wood varnishes and adhesives for PVC pipes.

PIOLOFORM® polyvinyl butyrals are versatile binders. In epoxy or phenol-based adhesives, PIOLOFORM® enhances toughness and reduces the system's brittleness. Additionally, PIOLOFORM® exhibits excellent adhesion to aluminum foils and plastic films and is therefore the preferred binder for formulating printing inks for flexible laminate packaging. PIOLOFORM® polyvinyl butyrals are flexible, odorless and tasteless and show low solvent retention. PIOLOFORM® is also indispensable in a large number of industrial coatings, such as corrosion-protection primers, masonry paints and plastics paints.

Visit WACKER at CHINA ADHESIVES 2006 at booth 17/18.
WACKER SILICONES' HDK® pyrogenic silica. The plain white powder is a highly efficient formulation additive with a wide variety of applications. For instance, HDK® serves as a rheology additive in liquid systems and resins, such as adhesives, sealants, plastisols, coatings and composite raw materials.

VINNAPAS® solid resins. Due to their excellent adhesion to various substrates, VINNAPAS® solid resins are used in numerous solvent-based adhesives.

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The company in brief: WACKER is a globally active chemical company with some 14,400 employees and annual sales of around 2.76 billion (2005, IFRS-compliant).

WACKER has 22 production sites and over 100 sales offices worldwide. WACKER SILICONES Silicone fluids, emulsions, rubber and resins; silanes; pyrogenic silicas;
thermoplastic silicone elastomers WACKER POLYMERS Dispersible polymer powders and dispersions for applications in the construction industry, solid resins, surface coating resins, polyvinyl butyrals WACKER FINE CHEMICALS Custom synthesis, fine chemicals, biologics and additional biotechnical products WACKER POLYSILICON Polysilicon for the semiconductor and photovoltaics industries Siltronic Hyperpure silicon wafers and monocrystals for semiconductor devices

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