Vulnerability Advisory: McAfee Inc. Solutions Protect Against 15 Newly Disclosed Microsoft Windows Vulnerabilities

McAfee Intrusion Prevention and Security Risk Management Solutions Provide Protection to Identify and Block Potential New Attacks

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 12 / / -- McAfee Inc. (NYSE:MFE), announced that it provides coverage for the 15 security vulnerabilities disclosed by Microsoft Corporation today. These vulnerabilities have been reviewed by McAfee(R) Avert(R) Labs, and based on their findings, McAfee recommends that users confirm the Microsoft product versioning outlined in the bulletins and update as recommended by Microsoft and McAfee. This includes deploying solutions to ensure protection against the vulnerabilities outlined in this advisory.

"Today's Microsoft patches underline the risk of surfing the Web unprotected," said Dave Marcus, security research and communications manager, McAfee Avert Labs. "Many of the vulnerabilities addressed by the fixes could be exploited if a Windows user simply visits a malicious Web site -- a favorite attack method among cybercriminals."

Microsoft Vulnerabilities Overview:

o MS07-030 - Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Visio Could Allow Remote Code
o MS07-031 - Vulnerability in the Windows Schannel Security Package
Could Allow Remote Code Execution
o MS07-032 - Vulnerability in Windows Vista Could Allow Information
o MS07-033 - Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer
o MS07-034 - Cumulative Security Update for Outlook Express and Windows
o MS07-035 - Vulnerability in Win32 API Could Allow Remote Code

Scope of Potential Compromise

Today's six security bulletins cover a total of 15 vulnerabilities. Among the vulnerabilities, three were previously disclosed zero-day vulnerabilities, and ten of the vulnerabilities could be exploited by visiting a malicious Web site.

For additional information on today's vulnerabilities as well as information on current threats, visit McAfee's Threat Center at McAfee recommends registering to receive the McAfee Avert Labs Security Advisory, which details McAfee product coverage on the set of vulnerabilities described in this document, as well as McAfee product coverage for other threats. To register, please visit: More information on the vulnerabilities can also be found at

McAfee Solutions

With McAfee's Security Risk Management approach, customers can effectively address business priorities and security realities. McAfee's award-winning solutions identify and block known and unknown attacks before they can cause damage. McAfee will continue to update its coverage as needed as new exploit vectors are discovered and as new threats emerge.

Out of the box, Host IPS protects against many buffer overflow exploits. McAfee Host IPS v6.0 and McAfee Entercept(R) protect users against code execution that may result from common classes of exploits targeted at the buffer overflow/overrun vulnerabilities in Microsoft Visio, Windows Schannel, Internet Explorer, and Win32 API. This "out of the box" protection is provided without the need for security content updates for either product.

The McAfee Vulnerability Shield package for McAfee Host IPS v6.0 customers provides specific protection against common classes of exploits targeted at the vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and Win32 API. The Vulnerability Shield package is deployed through McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator(R) to agents, protecting systems without a reboot.

McAfee VirusScan(R) Enterprise 8.0i and McAfee Managed VirusScan with AntiSpyware protects users against code execution that may result from common classes of exploits targeted at the buffer overflow/overrun vulnerabilities in Microsoft Visio, Windows Schannel, Internet Explorer, and Win32 API.

McAfee IntruShield(R) provides coverage for Microsoft Visio, Windows Schannel, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and Win32 API vulnerabilities through signature sets released today. McAfee IntruShield sensors deployed in in-line mode can be configured with a response action to drop such packets for preventing these attacks.

The McAfee System Compliance Profiler, a component of McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, is being updated for today's newly disclosed vulnerabilities in Microsoft Visio, Windows Schannel, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and Win32 API to quickly assess compliance levels of the security patches announced today.

The McAfee Foundstone(R) and McAfee Network Access Control (previously known as McAfee Policy Enforcer) checks are being created to detect the vulnerabilities announced today, and will be available in the packages released today and the day after tomorrow, respectively. These checks are expected to accurately identify if a system is vulnerable in many enterprise environments.

McAfee Policy Auditor compliance checks and McAfee Remediation Manager remediations are being created to identify unpatched systems and apply the necessary patches to affected systems for the vulnerabilities in Microsoft Visio, Windows Schannel, Vista, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and Win32 API. Updates will be available in the next V-Flash package.

Avert DAT files have already been released to detect known exploits and new detection will be added as new exploits are discovered. DAT files are used by McAfee GroupShield(R), PortalShield(TM), Secure Internet Gateway appliances, Secure Messaging Gateway appliances, Secure Web Gateway appliances, Total Protection suites, VirusScan Enterprise, VirusScan Command Line, VirusScan Online and other McAfee scanners. McAfee users can refer to for information regarding any new threats attempting to exploit these vulnerabilities.

McAfee Avert Labs maintains one of the top-ranked security threat and research organizations in the world, employing researchers in 16 countries around the globe. The Labs combine world-class malicious code and anti-virus research with intrusion prevention and vulnerability research expertise. McAfee protects customers by providing deep analysis and core technologies that are developed through the combined efforts of its researchers. McAfee Avert Labs continually monitors the Internet for new threats and attack vectors on a daily basis. Whenever possible, we will update our security technologies and coverage as these new threats and vectors emerge.

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