Vulcan Engineering Co Received an Order for a TruGlu Wax Assembly Machine from Stryker Orthopaedics.

Vulcan Engineering Co., a leading supplier of automation to the investment casting industry, announces it has received an order for a TruGlu Wax Assembly Machine from Stryker Orthopaedics, Mahwah, New Jersey. The new wax assembly machine will automatically assemble wax patterns onto trees. This machine was chosen for its great flexibility and ease of programming, and it's ability to use existing trees and parts without modification. Using a laser to measure the trees, the robot program is automatically adjusted to match the variation of the tree so that parts are placed in the proper position. The machine also features a vision system that locates the wax parts on the infeed conveyor, feeds this information to the robot, which reorients the gripper to pick up the part. This feature eliminates the need for part dependant fixtures and setup time for each part. Quick-change tooling is standard on each machine which makes job changeover time less than one minute. The parts are dipped in sticky wax and placed on the tree. Once assembly is complete, the robot seals the joints with a torch. The Stryker machine will begin operating during the 4th quarter 2006.

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