VSS Monitoring Delivers Monitoring Industry's Best ROI

SAN MATEO, Calif., -- VSS Monitoring, the world leader in Network Intelligence Optimization, today introduced a new calculator tool for its network operator customers to measure the ROI of their network deployments. VSS Monitoring also announced that its fixed and mobile operator customers are benefitting from the monitoring industry's highest return on investment at day-one, with Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) reductions of up to 80 percent and Operating Expenditure (OPEX) reductions of up to 50 percent.

With the explosive growth of network traffic, network intelligence tools face an increasing variety of constraints. To improve performance and security, these tools require operations personnel to monitor, analyze and examine network traffic in depth. Increasing subscriber interest and revenue dependence on new mobile services raise the priority to reduce spotty network performance. The increasing quantity and variety of analyzers needed to attach to network links to support this traffic growth often dramatically increases CAPEX and OPEX expenditures.

VSS Monitoring's system-based solutions proactively copy, forward and redirect network traffic to the appropriate analyzers in real-time. This layer of optimization allows network operators to attain higher service availability, lower labor costs for network analysis, lower analysis costs overall and achieve greater subscriber and revenue security.

Increased Tool ROI
  • The intelligence of the VSS Monitoring system filters and grooms traffic to substantially improve the efficiency of connected tools. Many application-specific tools perform better when they receive only certain types of IP traffic from certain parts of the network.
  • Selective hardware-based filtering, high data burst buffers and session-aware load balancing ensure that tools are not overwhelmed with traffic and that no packets are lost due to oversubscription.

    Reduced Tool Cost
  • A network intelligence optimization system between the tools and the network infrastructure, instead of a 1:1 connection of tools to network links, enables network operations to monitor several links or the entire network with a single tool, reducing the CAPEX needed to completely cover the network.
  • With the ability for a tool to receive only the traffic of interest, 1G tools can work with 10G network links. No longer receiving all network traffic, they receive only the required traffic at full line rates. The tools therefore continue to perform effectively and accurately for a higher speed link, deferring or eliminating the need to purchase costly 10G tools.
  • Often multiple tools are interested in subsets of the same traffic type. Session awareness in the system allows traffic to multiple tools to be load balanced, enabling each tool to analyze the entire session or conversation accordingly. The session-aware load balancing of high-speed traffic to lower speed tools (e.g. from 10G to 1G) provides better quality data to the tools.

    Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Network intelligence optimization systems scale with evolving network needs by adding more nodes. The overall solution cost of the network intelligence optimization layer is substantially lower than a non-systematic approach to deploying large numbers of tools.
  • Lower management overhead, shorter time to troubleshoot network anomalies and repair lead to further reduction in operating costs, faster ROI and the ability to meet service level agreements (SLAs).

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    Contact: Graham Sorkin

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