VPN Software protects data transmitted over unencrypted WiFi.

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With zero disruption, Private WiFi® encrypts all data going into and coming out of end users' computers to support online privacy, protect consumers' identities, and secure sensitive communications transmitted over unencrypted WiFi networks (hotspots). Virtual Private Network (VPN) software, which uses 128-bit encryption, activates automatically in background and also masks users' IP addresses.

Original Press Release:

Private Communications Corporation Launches Software to Protect Consumer Data Transmitted over Unencrypted Public WiFi Networks

Private WiFi® Intended to Protect Consumers, Counter Against Increasing Hacker Threats on Public WiFi Networks

SHERMAN, Conn. -- Private Communications Corporation (PCC), a security technology company that protects personal data and information online, today announced the launch of Private WiFi®, its flagship Virtual Private Network (VPN) software. Private WiFi encrypts all data going into and out of a person's computer to support online privacy, protect consumers' identities and secure sensitive communications transmitted over the more than 400,000 known unencrypted WiFi networks or "hotspots" worldwide, according to JiWire.

"Every day, millions of consumers use unencrypted WiFi networks, making their personal banking transactions, email conversations and general identity vulnerable to hackers," said Kent Lawson, CEO of PCC. "Existing security programs, like firewalls, may protect these people from Internet viruses, but they do nothing to protect communications over public hotspots. The growing incidence of online identity theft and corporate security breaches, which are rampant and often unpublicized, simply compounds this situation. Private WiFi is an answer to this pervasive problem."

Microsoft's 2010 U.S. Remote Working National Research findings suggest that more employees are working from public places, reporting 21 percent on a plane, 27 percent from a coffee shop and 37 percent on vacation. Consequently, users are increasingly taking advantage of WiFi networks in public places. In fact, the U.S. experienced a 17.3 percent growth in public Wi-Fi usage in 2010, according to JiWire.

Despite such rapid growth in public WiFi usage, many are unaware of the risks associated with transmitting information across unprotected public networks. Anti-virus software and firewalls do not adequately protect data streaming across public WiFi networks compromising online privacy and exposing personal information and sensitive data to cyber threats. With mobile innovation booming, the number of security breaches are expected to increase, making WiFi privacy an industry wide security issue.

While most large corporations traditionally provide VPNs for employees working outside the office to protect against hackers and identity fraud, Lawson said the average consumer, freelancer, business traveler or even small- to medium-sized business employee is often left exposed.

"Private WiFi now provides an accessible and affordable VPN for the rest of us," Lawson said.

With zero disruption to the user, Private WiFi encrypts all data going in and out of a PC over vulnerable WiFi communications every time a person connects to the Internet. Private WiFi activates automatically in the background of any computer, similar to how anti-virus and anti-malware software work. In addition to protecting data, this secure connection also masks users' I.P. addresses, adding an extra layer of privacy.

Private WiFi uses industry standard 128-bit encryption, "the same technology used by a bank or credit card company," Lawson added. "We use it to secure everything a person sends and receives, including all website traffic, emails, attachments and IMs."

With Private WiFi, consumers can have added protection against:

-- Online identity theft
-- Credit card fraud
-- General invasion of privacy; hijacked log-in and password information (e.g. hacking into email and Facebook accounts).
-- Medical insurance fraud
-- Loss of personal files and data
-- Theft of trade secrets, confidential client information (for business professionals)

"Using Private WiFi can help make you invisible to hackers on any public network, anywhere in the world," Lawson said.

For more information or to purchase/download Private WiFi, please visit www.PrivateWiFi.com.

About Private Communications Corporation:

Private Communications Corporation is a security technology company that protects personal data and information online. Private WiFi, the company's flagship software product, encrypts all computer data across unencrypted Wi-Fi networks, enhancing online privacy for those without access to virtual private networks. Founded by software entrepreneur Kent Lawson, Private Communications Corporation is headquartered in Sherman, Conn. For more information, visit us at www.privatewifi.com and for articles and other online privacy resources, please visit www.private-i.com. Please also connect with us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/privatewifi and follow us on Twitter at @PrivateWiFi.

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