VPN Building Software offers client-to-client protection.

Press Release Summary:

Offering alternative to technologies such as IPSec or SSL, ViPNet Office v2.8.11 and ViPNet Tunnel v1.3 create secure virtual private networks (VPN) in large corporations and small LANs. They promote secure work with Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Connection (Windows Terminal Server Client) or VNC. Users can safely use these applications as well as initiate connection between programs directly from ViPNet application.

Original Press Release:

Infotecs Advances ViPNet Virtual Private Network with New Security and Communication Features

POTSDAM, Germany --- July 14, 2006 --- Infotecs, a leading Internet security software vendor, today announced that it has released an update for two of its virtual private network software products, ViPNet Office and ViPNet Tunnel, versions 2.8.11/1.3.

A true alternative to other technologies such as IPSec or SSL, these two software products create a virtual private network (VPN) based on the ViPNet technology.

ViPNet users can now enjoy secure work with Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Connection (Windows Terminal Server Client) or VNC. ViPNet users are not only able to safely use these applications but to also initiate a connection between these programs directly from a ViPNet application. The updates contain a completely new installation routine that result in the faster deployment of a ViPNet network.

Impossible with SSL and very complicated to use in the case of a desktop to desktop interaction via IPSec, ViPNet technology successfully builds virtual private networks both in large corporations and in small local area networks. The concept behind the ViPNet technology is protection of information all the way from client to client, desktop to desktop and gateway to gateway. With ViPNet Tunnel and Office, protection is provided on a low network level. Most other VPN vendors do not provide client to client type of protection.

A full-featured 45-day demo version can be downloaded at the Infotecs Web site. More details about Infotecs can be found at www.infotecs.biz.

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