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Voltage Regulator/Tap Changer enables preventive maintenance.

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Dec 31, 2003 - Voltage Regulator Control, Model CL-6A and Quik-Drive Tap Changer System allow utilities to automatically peform predictive maintenance on voltage regulators. Model CL-6A includes flash card port for programming and data retrieval, backlit display, and user-selectable menus. Metering-PLUS(TM) functionality groups and displays associated parameters on one screen. Tap changer provides 32 steps in 9 sec and includes feedback circuit for indication of correct tap positions.

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Cutting-Edge Technology Drives Cooper Power Systems' Voltage Regulator CL-6A Control And Quik-Drive(TM) Tap Changer System

Press release date: Dec 12, 2003

Recently launched CL-6A available in Cooper's Control Replacement Assembly (CRA)

Waukesha, WI, December 12, 2003 - Cooper Power Systems' new CL-6A voltage regulator control and Quik-Drive(TM) Tap Changer System enables utilities to perform predictive and preventive maintenance on voltage regulators automatically.

Cooper's Duty Cycle Monitor tracks and reports the wear of tap changer contacts. Automatic maintenance tapping, another Cooper first, is achieved by programming the voltage regulator to change tap positions momentarily, then return to its original position. Maintenance tapping cleans contact surfaces, thus greatly extending tap changer life and reducing the need to remove the regulator from service.

Powered by more than 50 years of voltage regulator experience, Cooper's CL-6A and Quik-Drive tap changer system provides enhanced functionality in automation, communications, metering, responsiveness, accuracy, ease-of-use, and flexibility.

Responding to an industry-wide trend toward standardization, the CL-6A is both reverse and cross compatible - able to interact seamlessly with past Cooper and McGraw-EdisonĀ® voltage regulators, and interchangeable for use with competitive voltage regulators. The CL-6A can be purchased with Cooper's Control Replacement Assembly (CRA).

The CL-6A, the latest in Cooper Power Systems' regulator control designs, also provides: o Flash card port for quick programming and data retrieval o Metering-PLUS(TM) functionality, which groups and displays associated parameters on one screen o Configurable DNP3 and 2179 protocols on board o Increased processing speed and memory capacity o English, Spanish, French and Portuguese language support o Backlit display for quick data interpretation, even at night o User-selectable menus with access via function codes or scrolling

Cooper's new Quik-Drive tap changer also provides: o Fewer parts for easier maintenance o Increased tap speed - 32 steps in nine seconds o Longer contact life o Feedback circuit for assured, responsive indication of correct tap position o High-temp motor capacitor o FR3(TM) fluid compatible

"The CL-6A control and Quik-Drive tap changer system represents a significant advancement in voltage regulator technology," said Craig Colopy, product manager, Step-Voltage Regulators, Cooper Power Systems. "No other tap changer system offers contact wear tracking or maintenance tapping, and none can match the Quik-Drive's speed. No other regulator control offers industry standard compact flash card technology or can match our versatility, configurability, compatibility and ease of use."

The CL-6A control and Quik-Drive tap changer comply with all industry recognized standards including IEEE and IEC, and they meet or exceed end-user requirements for testing, certification, and durability.

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