Voltage Feedback Amplifier combines low power, high speed.

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Available in SOIC-8 or MSOP-10 package, unity gain stable OPA2889 features architecture that provides designers with 115 MHz bandwidth, 250 V/µs slew rate, and quiescent current consumptiion of 460 µA/per channel. Power down feature further reduces quiescent current to 18 µA/channel, while 8 Vpp output swing and ±40 µA output current minimize signal distortion. Single supply voltage range is +2.6 to +12 V, and dual supply voltage range is ±1.3 to ±6 V.

Original Press Release:

TI Introduces Industry's Lowest Power, High-Speed, Voltage Feedback Amplifier

New device features 90 percent lower power for portable applications

DALLAS, March 25 -- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN) introduced today a high-speed, unity gain stable, voltage feedback amplifier that features more than 90 percent less power than devices with comparable slew rates in the market today. The new device's unique architecture provides designers with high bandwidth and slew rate, coupled with a very low quiescent current, making it well-suited for portable instrumentation, active filters and analog-to-digital converter (ADC) buffers. (For more information see http://www.ti.com/opa2889-pr.)

The OPA2889 represents a significant evolution in unity gain stable, voltage feedback amplifiers, offering an excellent combination of bandwidth and slew rate capabilities while consuming only 460 uA of quiescent current per channel. Coupled with the ultra low power, the high bandwidth of 115 MHz and slew rate of 250 V/us, allows customers to process data faster and more efficiently. The device also includes a power down feature, enabling even further power savings by reducing the quiescent current to 18 uA/channel when not in use.

Along with the bandwidth and slew rate capabilities, the OPA2889 offers a flexible single supply voltage range of +2.6 V to +12 V or dual supply voltage range of +/-1.3 V to +/-6 V. In addition, it provides a large output swing of 8 Vpp and output current of +/- 40 uA. These features minimize signal distortion to increase fidelity while giving designers greater flexibility.

The latest offering extends TI's high-speed, low-power voltage and current feedback amplifier offerings including those summarized below.
                                       Supply   Supply           Powerdown
Voltage Voltage Quiescent Quiescent
Slew Rate Bandwidth (min) (max) Current Current
# of Ch (V/us) (MHz) (V) (V) (typ) (typ)
OPA2889 2 250 115 2.6 12 490uA 18uA

OPA2890 1, 2 400 250 3 12 1.1mA 30uA

OPA2683 1, 2 540 200 5 12 940uA 100uA

OPA3684 1, 3 820 210 5 12 1.7mA 100uA

OPA4684 2, 4 780 250 5 12 1.7mA NA

For more information and to download the latest Amplifier and Data Converter Selection Guide, please see http://www.ti.com/amplifier.

Availability, pricing and support

The OPA2889 is available today in a SOIC-8 and MSOP-10 package. Suggested resale pricing is $1.35 in quantities of 1,000. Samples and evaluation modules of the OPA2889 and other devices are available from http://www.ti.com/.

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