Voltage Alert Product visually warns of live voltage.

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RemLive® provides non-intrusive reminder of live voltage inside electrical panels via 2 banks of high-intensity flashing LEDs. Available in 3-phase, product operates from 24-700 Vac/1,000 Vdc. Mini-RemLive® suits single-phase applications and operates from 24-460 Vac/660 Vdc. Device mounts on DIN-rail, is UL recognized, and CE approved. Device activates if there is 24 Vdc/ac min between any 2 terminals.

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SEEING Voltage! -An Elegantly Simple Idea for Electrical Safety!

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Electrocutions account for 4% (384 in 2000) of work related fatalities (1) 1) Bureau of Labor & Statistics

Electrical injuries account for 3% of all hospital admissions (2) 2) Burn Survivor Resource Center

Davenport, IA --Grace Engineered Products introduces the RemLive® family of voltage alert products designed to increase electrical safety with plant maintenance personnel. RemLive® is a non-intrusive flashing reminder of live voltage inside electrical panels. You can't taste, see or smell voltage, but with RemLive® you can at least "see" voltage! RemLive® has two banks of high intensity flashing LEDs, which make it difficult to forget that hazardous voltage is present in an electrical panel. This constant flashing reminder greatly reduces the chances that an electrician inadvertently comes in contact with live voltage.

RemLive® is analogous to a beeping "back-up" alarm on vehicles like school buses and bulldozers. These vehicles are dangerous when moving forward, but even more dangerous when moving backwards. Vehicle "back-up" alarms are a "beeping" reminder of a dangerous reversing vehicle. Similarly, RemLive®, is a "flashing" reminder of hazardous voltages within a panel. A huge difference-You see vehicles, YOU CAN'T SEE VOLTAGE! (without a RemLive® of course!)

RemLive® is available in 3-phase (Cat#: R-3P) and operates from 24 to 700VAC/1000VDC. Mini-RemLive® (Cat#: R-1P ) is a smaller, lower cost device, for single phase applications and operates from 24 to 460VAC/660VDC. Both devices are patent pending and conveniently mount on a DIN-rail and are UL recognized, CE approved (CSA pending and Patent Pending).

RemLive® is Live, if a Phase is Live

RemLive® flashes if there is 24VDC/AC minimum between any two terminals. John Wolfe, Champion Spark Plug, Burlington, Iowa said, "I almost had an electrician killed when one phase of a circuit breaker style 3-phase disconnect failed. The panel looked dead, but wasn't dead. RemLive® would have alerted us to that failure, because it flashes even if there is voltage on a single phase."

"Seeing" Multiple Power Sources

Many control panels have multiple power sources. If RemLive® and/or Mini RemLive® are installed on all power sources feeding a panel, then any electrician knows immediately the state and location of all the power sources within a panel. This adds an extra layer of safety for the electrician.

Unique Applications

Some other unique applications for RemLive® are: 1.) Power factor correction capacitors and AC drive DC bus capacitors need time to discharge after disconnecting the power. RemLive® keeps flashing until the voltage is at a safe level (below 24Volts). 2.) Back-up generators in critical applications (such as hospitals) are typically cycled monthly to insure that they will function properly in an emergency. This means that there is a second source of power "feeding" the power grid. A RemLive® will give a visual indication of voltage regardless of its source. 3.) High inertia loads may generate an "induced" EMF voltage during a shut down or an E-stop condition. RemLive® reminds personnel that there is a "generated" voltage on this system. 4.) Monitoring DC crane bus voltages using the DC feature of RemLive®. If these applications have a RemLive® placed in strategic locations, safer conditions exist because maintenance personnel "know" if voltage is present.

Frequently Asked Questions:

"What if RemLive® fails?" (See #1 & #2)

RemLive® is not a substitute for proper safety procedures, but rather an added reinforcement of proper safety procedures. "DANGER, LIVE EQUIPMENT CAN KILL, OTHER SAFETY PROCEDURE STILL APPLY. TEST BEFORE TOUCHING" is printed on the front of each RemLive® as a reminder to follow safety procedures. Unless our "school bus driver" (or bulldozer operator) is extra cautious operating the equipment in reverse, the "back-up" alarm becomes meaningless because the driver is negligent. Likewise, plant electricians need to take extra care when working on live voltages and still follow safety procedures!

How does RemLive® differ from other methods of voltage indication?

RemLive® has built-in redundancy: (1) The phase indicator circuit has LED's for L1, L2, L3 & N, and is independent from the flashing circuits. (2) In addition, there are two independent flashing circuits powered by a single 75W power supply (drawing only 1W). If the both flashing circuits fail, the phase indicator LEDs will still indicate the presence of voltage on any phase. If RemLive® fails completely, remember Item 1.) above: "Safety Procedure Still Apply", and it should be replaced immediately. Overall, RemLive® is built for a 15+ year life and is much more than just "flashing pilot lights"!

Companies that install RemLive® are committed to providing a safe workplace for their employees. RemLive® shouts, "Live Voltage Danger!" to the inexperienced electrician, while the experienced electrician remembers the times he got "bit" by live voltage and appreciates the added reminder.

Grace Engineered Products is changing the way people act & think around live voltages. They are committed to providing the marketplace with products that continue to enhance electrical safety for the maintenance personnel.

About Grace Engineered Products:

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