VoI Chip Bus Converter has high-density architecture.

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Featuring power density greater than 1,000 W/in.³, B352F110T30 is 300 W dc-dc converter for HV Distribution Systems, ac-dc SMPS, and RF amplifiers. This Sine Amplitude Converter(TM) (SAC) offers efficiencies over 95% and operates from 330-365 Vdc primary bus to deliver isolated 10.3-11.4 V secondary. Used individually or in multiples with paralleled outputs, Telecom-grade BCM(TM) module measures 1.28 x 0.87 x 0.26 in. and offers junction-to-case and junction-to-board thermal resistance.

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Vicor Announces New High Voltage, High Density VoI Chip Bus Converter

Isolated 352 V to 11 V, 300 Watt converter for HV Distribution Systems, AC-DC SMPS and RF Amplifiers

Andover, MA, December 13, 2006...Vicor Corporation (NASDAQ: VICR) announced the availability of a high-voltage VoI Chip Bus Converter with a power density of greater than 1000 W/in3. Designated B352F110T30, this BCM(TM) converter is a high-efficiency (>95%), Sine Amplitude Converter(TM) (SAC) operating from a 330-365 Vdc primary bus to deliver an isolated 10.3 - 11.4 V secondary.

Used individually or in multiple with paralleled outputs for higher power, the converter offers the highest power density HV DC-DC system for offline AC-DC SMPS and high voltage distribution systems. Additionally, outputs may be connected in series to create higher voltages for applications such as RF amplifiers.

This Telecom-grade BCM module - which is a 25% power upgrade over previous high-voltage VoI Chips - enables faster, easier design (faster time to market) and offers smaller, more efficient, and higher power density power conversion solutions.

The VoI Chip Bus Converter Module package ? measuring 1.28" x 0.87" x 0.26" ? is compatible with standard pick-and-place surface-mount machinery and assembly processes. It provides flexible thermal management through its low junction-to-case and junction-to-board thermal resistance. Due to its high conversion efficiency and safe operating temperature range, the BCM may not require a heatsink in typical applications.

"The extreme efficiency and high power density of the new 300 W high-voltage BCM enables new application form factors that would not be possible with a traditional discrete implementation," said Stephen Oliver, Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

The Bus Converter Module B352F110T30 is priced at $37.40 in OEM quantities, and is available immediately from stock. To order, contact Vicor Customer Service at 800-735-6200 or e-mail custserv@vicr.com.

For data sheets and more information on VoI Chip products, please visit the Vicor website at www.vicorpower.com. Customer evaluation boards and application notes are available.

Vicor Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, and markets modular power components and complete power systems used primarily by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the communications, data processing, industrial control, test equipment, medical, and defense electronics markets.

Technical Contact:
Jeffrey Hord
VoI Chip Product Marketing Manager

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