VME Board suits SBC or DSP applications.

Press Release Summary:

Air-cooled Manta DX combines single or dual Altivec(TM)-enabled 1.3 GHz PowerPC 7457 processors with on-board StarFabric(TM) bridge, which supports dual, full-duplex 2.5 Gbps links. Featuring SMP shared memory architecture, board includes Tundra Tsi148 VMEbus to PCI-X bus bridge, which supports 2eSST protocol and implements 2 edge source synchronous transfers for sustained VMEbus bandwidth exceeding 300 Mb/s. On-board memory includes 512 Mb, 1 or 2 Gbyte of DDR SDRAM with ECC.

Original Press Release:

Curtiss-Wright Controls Launches New Cost-Effective Dual PowerPC VME Engine for SBC or DSP Duty

New 1.3 GHz Single/Dual PPC Manta DX Board features on-board support for StarFabric Switch Fabric Interconnect

Leesburg, VA January, 17 2005 - Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing (CWCEC) has announced a new air-cooled VME engine, the Manta DX, which combines single or dual Altivec(TM)-enabled 1.3 GHz PowerPC 7457 processors with an on-board StarFabric(TM) bridge to simplify the design of high bandwidth serial switch fabric-based networks.

The board's symmetric multi-processing (SMP), shared memory architecture makes it ideal for use as a high performance processor engine, or as an Altivec(TM)-enabled digital signal processor (DSP) engine. The Manta DX provides system designers with a cost-effective, full-featured 6U SBC or DSP engine optimized for use in switched backplane and/or chassis-to-chassis configurations. Its on-board PCI-StarFabric bridge provides support for dual, full-duplex 2.5 Gbps links. The board also features a Tundra Tsi148 VMEbus to PCI-X bus bridge. The Tsi148 supports the 2eSST protocol and implements two edge source synchronous transfers for sustained VMEbus bandwidth exceeding 300MB/s.

"Manta DX highlights CWCEC's ongoing commitment to maintaining leadership in the 'benign' environment segment of the embedded market," said Lynn Patterson, vice president and general manager of Modular Solutions, CWCEC. "By combining this dual-PowerPC engine with on-board StarFabric support, we've made high performance processing on switched fabrics practical and affordable".

The board's single or dual 7457 PowerPC (PPC) processor(s) are supported by a GT-64460 Discovery(TM) III system controller that provides bridging to the board's two PCI busses. Each CPU features 2 Mbytes of L3 cache, and can also add an optional 2 MB of private memory.

On-board memory includes 512 MB, 1 or 2 Gbyte(s) of DDR SDRAM with ECC. Up to 1 GB of (NAND) Flash and 64 MB of (NOR) Flash memory are also available. Data communications on the board includes four serial ports, two serial ATA channels, and
16 discrete I/O pins. The board also includes two Gigabit Ethernet channels, which can be configured as one channel available from the front panel, and one from the rear, or both channels available from the rear-panel.

System expansion on the Manta DX is supported with two 64-bit PMC sites, both of which support 33/66 MHz PCI and 100/133 MHz PCI-X. Additional expansion is supported through use of the optional TAFD PIM Carrier Transition Module, which provides two PIM module sites available from the rear.

Software Support
Operating system support for the Manta DX includes board support packages for VxWorks, INTEGRITY, and SMP Linux. A DSP math library, hand coded and optimized for PPC/Altivec is available as an option. CWCEC also provides each board with CWCEC's S.T.A.R.(TM)/ASTRix(TM) system monitor, configuration and diagnostic firmware.

This air-cooled board is rated for operation in 0° to +50° C environments. An extended temperature version supports operation in -20° to +71° C environments. Three levels of ruggedization are offered, with ratings ranging from benign up to 8.9G RMS random/30G shock.

Please contact the factory or visit www.cwcembedded.com for more information. Pricing for the Manta DX starts at $4,995 in 100 piece quantities.

Inquiries: Please forward all Sales and reader inquiries to Jerri-Lynne Klassen, Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing, Tel: (613) 254-5112; Fax: (613) 599-7777; e-mail: sales@cwcembedded.com.

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