VMC achieves roundness of 1.59 µm in contouring.

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Mid-size NV6000 DCG(TM) features DCG (Driven at the Center of Gravity) technology, whereby net driving force acts through center of axis for optimal surface finish and contouring accuracy. Machine provides X, Y, Z axis travels of 35.4, 23.6, and 17.7 in., respectively, with rapid traverse rate of 787.4 ipm for all axes. No. 40 taper spindle achieves max speed of 12,000 rpm, with 20,000 rpm optionally available. Five ball screws minimize vibration without sacrificing speed for accuracy.

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New Mori Seiki NV6000(TM) DCG Boosts Productivity and Quality

Vertical machining center applies DCG(TM) to achieve high efficiency and precision

Chicago, Illinois, November 6, 2006 - Mori Seiki has announced the release of the NV6000 DCG(TM), a mid-size vertical machining center that incorporates DCG technology to meet the industry's ever-increasing quality and productivity requirements. The new machine will provide particular benefit to those serving the die and mold, aerospace and automotive industries. Through the integration of DCG, the NV6000 DCG dramatically improves surface finish, contouring accuracy and tool life.

With DCG (Driven at the Center of Gravity) technology, the net driving force acts through the center of the axis. The NV6000 DCG contains five ballscrews - two on the Y-axis, two on the Z-axis, and one on the X-axis - that enable a significant reduction in vibration without sacrificing speed for accuracy. Unlike machines using dual ballscrews in all three axes, which can reduce the overall dynamic response of the machine, the new N Series machines only incorporate twin ballscrews when it provides benefit.

Through the implementation of DCG technology, the NV6000 DCG is able to achieve a roundness of 1.59 µm in contouring. This level of accuracy is approximately 40% superior to what is attainable on conventional machines.

The NV6000 DCG features X, Y and Z axis travel of 35.4", 23.6" and 17.7" respectively. For all axes, the rapid traverse rate is 787.4 ipm. The No. 40 taper spindle possesses a maximum speed of 12,000 rpm, with a maximum speed of 20,000 available as an option.

A tool changer with a 20-tool capacity comes standard with the NV6000 DCG, with options to increase the capacity to 40 or 60 tools.

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