Vitrified CBN Grinding Wheel suits inconel grinding.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for grinding hot section segments, AEROBOR(TM) removes bulk of material as well as tapers and radii and generates required finish quality. Wheel features 1.25 hr max machining time, minimal noise level, and reduced heat generation at cutting surface. With metal removal rates to 0.040 in./hr, it combines metal removal rates of CBN with dressability of vitrified wheel, leading to decreased load on machine and component.

Original Press Release:

AEROBOR(TM) Ups Inconel Grinding Productivity 125%

AEROBOR(TM) high-porous vitrified CBN grinding wheels were tested recently by one of world's majour turbine building company for the grinding of turbine shroud segments made of AMS5666 Nikel-based alloy (Inconel 625).

Up until now with the grinding of "hot section" segments, a CBN plated wheel has been used to remove the bulk of the material to be removed [to within 0.005" of finished size. Then a traditional white alumina wheel has been used to remove tapers and radii and to generate the required finish quality. This process could take up to 6 hours depending on the amount of the material to be removed, and generally takes an average of 3 hours [a metal removal rate of approx. 0.010" per hour is the norm.

Test results have shown that:

o Machining time has been reduced to a maximum of 1.25 hours only.

o The whole machining operation can be carried out using the AEROBOR(TM) wheel.

o The noise level generated had significantly decreased.

o There is a substantial reduction in the amount of heat generated at the cutting surface.

o The metal removal rate has significantly increased [up to 0.040" per hour and is far more predictable.

o There is a significant reduction in the stresses placed on the machine tool and the components.

o The quality of the surface finish is at least the equal of, or superior to, the current methodology.

The attraction of the AEROBOR(TM) grinding wheel is that it potentially offers the benefits of the superior metal removal rates of CBN, combined with the "dressability" of a vitrified wheel, thereby leading to a decrease in load on machine and component, and significantly less heat at the cutting surface.

AEROBOR(TM) is a trademark of ILYICH Abrasive Company Co., St. Petersburg, Russia.

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