Visual Analytics Inc. Partners with Attensity to Expand Unstructured Data Analysis Capabilities

Integration of Attensity's Link Factory(TM) With VAI's VisuaLinks® Pattern Discovery Software Enables Analysts to Discover Key Facts and Relationships in Mountains of Unstructured Data

POOLESVILLE, Md., May 17 - Visual Analytics Inc., a leading provider of analytical and data sharing technologies, has partnered with Attensity Corporation to expand the ability of analysts to utilize unstructured information in data analysis.

Attensity Link Factory(TM) exposes hidden entities and their relationships in unstructured text, such as incident reports, financial narratives and other open source content and creates a structured representation of the data. Visual Analytics has incorporated this capability into its VisuaLinks® pattern discovery software, providing users with an understanding of their collective data sources via near-real time, in-depth link visualization analytics.

This new capability enables VisuaLinks users to define entities of interest, such as people, places, and events, and then, using standard query techniques, search for these entities and their relationships in text sources for further analysis. For example, an analyst looking at a terrorist organization can search captured intelligence reports, consisting of both structured and unstructured data, for all related people. With the combined offering, VisuaLinks users will be presented with a graphic depiction of the organization and its relationships enabling them to discover relationships and uncover clues that are typically hidden in the text.

VisuaLinks will use this new capability to integrate unstructured data sources with other data sources to show analysts a more complete representation of their data collections. Visual Analytics CTO, David O'Connor, said, "Unlike other text analytics products, Attensity's Link Factory(TM) provides a powerful and seamless capability for identifying facts and their relationships hidden in text. Combined with VAI's VisuaLinks leading link analysis technology, the analyst has a powerful capability to uncover relationships and clues to help them identify terrorists and solve crimes."

Craig Norris, CEO of Attensity, said, "Visual Analytics and Attensity's combined technologies strengthen and expand the capabilities of all analysts, providing a simple and very effective way to integrate data from structured and unstructured data sources into a single, cohesive picture for link analysis."

About Visual Analytics

Founded in 1998, Visual Analytics Inc. (VAI) is a privately-held company, based in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, focused on Superior Pattern Discovery and Data Sharing Solutions. VAI serves markets requiring sophisticated data sharing and high-end analytics. VAI has created a suite of tools, collectively called "The Data Clarity® Suite," based on the VisuaLinks® and Digital Information Gateway (DIG®) technologies that are used to search, structure, and present data for analysis and discovery. More information on VAI can be found at

About Attensity(TM)

Attensity's text analytics software rapidly and accurately transforms unstructured data into valuable, actionable information. Using Attensity's text analytics suite, global enterprises and government agencies automatically extract all the facts from freeform text, integrate these facts with structured data and leverage the fused data set to make decisions. The company's patented Exhaustive Extraction(TM) technology enables investigators, analysts, managers and executives to speed detection and response to critical events and issues related to intelligence analysis, insurance claims analytics, service and warranty analysis, customer care, anti-money laundering and fraud detection. Attensity is a 2007 winner of the Red Herring 100 North America award, an honor reserved for top private technology companies. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif. with a technology center in Salt Lake City, Utah. More information is at

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