Vision System promotes machining centers accuracy.

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Suited for high-speed (60,000 rpm) applications, Datron IVS (Integrated Vision System) is housed in metal chassis and mounts to Z-axis of machining centers for locating fiducials and crop marks. It operates over pre-defined location or window within 20 x 16 mm area and feeds offset data into machine's MS Windows-based control software. Any edge-to-fiducial irregularities are compensated for, dynamically, before machining begins. Accuracy is ±.02 mm depending on fiducial quality.

Original Press Release:

Datron, Makers of 60,000 RPM High-Speed Machining Centers, Releases Datron IVS, an Integrated Vision System for High-Speed Machining Applications.

(Milford, NH - November 2007) - Datron Dynamics, Inc. has released a vision system for high-speed machining applications. The Datron IVS (Integrated Vision System) is housed in a rugged metal chassis for industrial applications. It is mounted to the Z-axis of its machining centers for locating fiducials and crop marks. As the camera moves to a pre-defined location or window, it identifies fiducials (crop marks or tick marks) within a 20mm area and feeds offset data into the machine's Microsoft Windows-based control software.

Any edge-to-fiducial irregularities are fed into the machining data and compensated for, dynamically, before the machining begins. Further, by locating multiple fiducials the system can automatically adjust for skew or image-to-edge variance. In instances where a fiducial or crop mark is not found, the program pauses, and the operator is alerted and given the option to abort or retry.

With Datron IVS, set up is easy and fast. The operator places the part on the bed - perhaps using Datron's proprietary VacuMate(TM) (vacuum table) workholding or a fixture with pins. The pins insure that the part is on the fixture properly. The camera then scans for fiducials, edges and images and feeds the data into Datron's Microsoft© Windows©-based control software. Irregularities are compensated for dynamically before the machining starts ... insuring quality and uniformity. If the camera determines that the part is not positioned correctly (perhaps because the operator has not seated the fixture in the correct location on the machining table) then the program automatically pauses and asks the operator to abort or retry. Or, the software can adjust for the variance and cut usable parts even when the blank is not positioned properly. Where screen-printed sheet material is concerned there is sometimes "stretch" in the artwork that cannot be overcome by traditional machining centers. But, Datron high-speed machining centers with this vision system can locate fiducials and crop marks within 20mm variance - thereby allowing manufacturers to overcome the inconsistencies of screen-printing to yield quality uniform parts and minimize waste.

Datron IVS is deal for locating fiducials on Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), identification, inspection, position control and fixture location. Data is fed into the machining center controller for dynamic compensation. The software automatically adjusts for skew and image-to-edge variance. It allows for teaching of new fiducials, crop marks or ticks and yields compatibility and flexibility to the manufacturing process. IVS reduces and even compensates for improper setups.

IVS features and capabilities include camera with light ring, images and cross-hairs on display, live pictures, teaching (teach in) of new fiducials, captures and stores pictures and fiducials, image calibration, adjustment of brightness, gain and contrast (manual and automatic), 20 x 16mm display window, operating distance approx. 100mm, resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels, accuracy +/- .02mm (depending on quality of fiducials), software based on HALCON Vision Tools®

For more information on Datron's IVS, contact Robert Murphy at Datron Dynamics, Inc., 115 Emerson Road, Milford, NH 03055, 888-262-2833,

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