Vision Sensors handle difficult detection applications.

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Maximizing stability and functionality of visual inspection, IV-H Series can replace multiple sensors, offering all-in-one solution for applications with multiple parts to detect. In addition to tools for shape and pattern detection, color detection, and position adjustment, sensors incorporate tools for width/height detection, diameter detection, and edge presence verification. Ethernet/IP and Profinet communication setup wizard enables vision sensors to be easily networked.

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NEW Simple Vision Sensor, More Versatile and Stable Inspection than Ever Before from KEYENCE

Product Overview

A new product has been added to the popular vision sensor family from KEYENCE Corporation of America, the IV Series. The new IV-H Series vision sensor increases the stability and functionality of visual inspection.

Visual Inspection Solutions: The IV Series vision sensors can handle difficult detection applications with ease. KEYENCE vision sensors will typically replace multiple sensors for an all-in-one solution for applications with multiple parts to detect.

Toolset: The new IV-H models boast increased stability and versatility with a brand new toolset. Previously existing units used three tools for detection:

Outline tool for shape and pattern detection

Color detection

Position adjustment to account for change in orientation and position

KEYENCE has expanded the toolset for the new IV-H models. These new tools increase the stability of inspection, and increase the number of applications the IV can solve. Along with the three tools present in earlier models, the IV-H also incorporates the following new tools:

Width/height detection

Diameter detection

Edge presence verification

Edge Pixel tool (for detecting machining/finishes)

Ease of Use: Typically, vision software can be cumbersome and difficult to use. To set up a new program in the IV software, the user needs to only complete four steps. Tools are simple and intuitive, allowing operators of various vision software competencies to set up a program in about one minute. With an Ethernet/IP and Profinet communication setup wizard, the IV series vision sensors are extremely easy to network.

The IV-H from KEYENCE is revolutionizing the vision sensor market with its ability to handle a wide variety of applications with ease.

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