Viscometer and Rheometer offers compact fluid measurement.

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VROC(TM) is flow-thru viscometer- and rheometer-on-a-chip with multiple sensors and micro fluidic interfaces that measure true viscosity, pressure, flow rate, and temperature. Able to measure from millionth-of-a-liter samples, device enables liquid characterization in challenging situations, such as those with high shear rates. System is suited for chemists and engineers involved in R&D and quality control of complex liquids tested in lab or real-time at reactor.

Original Press Release:

NEW Viscometer/Rheometer-on-a-Chip

RheoSense, Inc., a developer of MEMS and Micron Sample Viscometry Instruments has introduced the VROC(TM).

The VROC(TM) is a Flow-Thru Viscometer and Rheometer on a chip. Its multiple sensors and micro fluidic interfaces measure "True" viscosity, pressure, flow rate and temperature.

This is the perfect solution for chemists and engineers involved in the R&D and Quality Control of complex liquids that are tested either in the lab or real time at the reactor.

These compact units produce accurate liquid characterization in challenging situations such as high shear rates.

Ideal for Quality Control for those companies needing a real time measurement at the reactor.

Compared to conventional viscometers the VROC(TM) is smaller, faster and smarter. All of the advantages derive out of the ability to take accurate measurements from samples that measure in a millionth of a liter.

The VROC(TM) is designed for challenging and high throughput manufacturing applications. It offers accuracy and speed, making it ideal for the petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

RheoSense is pleased to work with equipment manufacturers and OEM's to develop custom applications utilizing VROC technology in Viscometry/Rheometry.

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