VIS/NIR Spectrometers have portable, ruggedized design.

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Featuring integrated light source, LabSpec® 5000/5100 series post-dispersive spectrometers combine 350-2,500 nm spectral range with Ethernet and optional wireless functionality. They come with ASD Indico(TM) Pro software and offer compatibility with LabVIEW® software for autonomous spectrometer control. Suited for qualitative and quantitative applications, products offer remote diagnostics, embedded Remote Trigger port, and NIR Cooled InGaAs TurboScanner(TM) technology.

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Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc. Releases LabSpecR 5000 / 5100 Series, the Enhanced Portable and Compact VIS/NIR Spectrometer for Extreme Spectroscopy

Boulder, Colo., September 12, 2006 - Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc. (ASD) manufacturer of rapid, precision, analytical and quality control instruments introduces the new ultra-rugged LabSpec® 5000 / 5100 series, with integrated light source, the latest in truly portable post-dispersive spectrometers. The LabSpec® 5000 / 5100 series incorporates the benchmark power of the award winning LabSpec® Pro's broad spectral range (350-2500 nm) and combines it with Ethernet and optional wireless functionality, a more ruggedized package with non-slip, urethane end-caps, and expanded temperature operating parameters for reliability even in extreme environments. In addition to the ASD Indico(TM) Pro software, the LabSpec® 5000 / 5100 series includes a streamlined compatibility with LabVIEW® software for autonomous control of the spectrometer. The new series also offers enhanced remote diagnostics, embedded Remote Trigger port, and the new NIR Cooled InGaAs TurboScanner(TM) technology from ASD. LabSpec® 5100 is the higher resolution version of the series.

The LabSpec® 5000 / 5100 series is a rapid, hybrid post-dispersive system with high sensitivity and extremely low stray-light for more robust qualitative and quantitative applications. The standard SMA 905 fiber optic connectors and ASD's wide array of sampling accessories offer maximum flexibility, making LabSpec® 5000 and 5100 spectrometers incredibly powerful tools for a wide range of requirements. ASD's spectrometers are ideally suited to a growing list of applications for solids, powders, slurries, and liquids in many forms, for a variety of markets addressing raw and in-process materials all the way through finished product.

About ASD
Founded in 1990, Analytical Spectral Devices manufactures cost-effective, precision, transportable, field-portable, and on-line laboratory-quality Vis/NIR spectrometers, spectroradiometers, spectrophotometers and corresponding software and accessories. ASD's instruments perform well in a range of environmental conditions, in and outside the laboratory, and have applications in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, analytical chemistry, mining, grain, food and dairy, remote sensing, pulp and paper industries world-wide. For more information, please contact Amanda Griffin, Analytical Spectral Devices, 5335 Sterling Dr., Suite A, Boulder, CO, 80301; (303) 444-6522, (303) 444-6825 (fax);

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